Name ISRCs Rating Length
10 Seconds Under Paris 2:18
10,000 Volts is Not Always Enough to Kill A Man 3:26
1634 Racine 3:03
A Dream Job in Security 2:57
A Short Song About Killing 1:52
A Short Song About Killing 2:45
A Sore Loser 2:09
Anything You Can Build With Lego I Can Build With Duplo and It Will Be Bigger and Therefore Better 2:37
As Far From the Slab as You Can Get 3:13
Baby Shakes and the River Styx 2:54
Bass vs. Treble 1:47
Bowler Hat vs. Handlebar Moustache 1:50
Devil and Casey Jones Play God 1:57
Father Tongue 2:10
Guitar vs. The Sun 1:59
Henry Rollins & Lydia Lunch 3:46
I Bought a Gun From a Catalogue 2:32
I'll just die if I can't go to the prom 2:54
In Defiance of Medical Science 4:13
Infirm in the Infirmary 2:24
Johnny U. and the Universe 2:52
Magnetic Four vs. Unicron 0:55
Middle Management 2:43
Militia 2:40
Moulded Plastic Neon Jesus vs. Guestimate Jones 0:48
New Godz Gone Soft 3:28
No True Love for the Likes of You 2:23
NUMA Aware 2:25
On the Ass End of an Ass Kicking 2:48
Tales of 100 Dead Men 2:49
That's How People Get Hurt 2:49
The Frankensteiner Gas 3:36
The Happy Malpractioneer 2:59
The Humiliating Shame of Being Caught Alive 4:04
The Manichean Candidate Takes on the World 2:20
The Nativity 1:50
The Precious Secrets of Homebaking 2:54
The Sound of Combustion 2:19
The South (Part 1) 2:00
The Spirit and Purpose of Geography 2:06
untitled bonus 2:10
Us vs. Them 1:09
Verse vs. Chorus 1:49
Zombie vs. Robot Zombie 1:49

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