Name ISRCs Rating Length
Da Co Hoai Lang 2:19
Da Co Hoai Lang (Thinking of My Husband in the Sound of a Drum) 2:19
Dan bau one string monochord from Vietnam 2:12
Dang Dan Cung & Thu Ho 2:25
Dang Dan Cung & Thu Ho (Welcome to the Espianade & Fall Lake) 2:25
Do Doc Do Ngang 2:14
Do Doc Do Ngang (Boat Song) 2:14
Doc Tau Trong 2:17
Doc Tau Trong (Drum Improvisation) 2:17
Huong Vietnam (feat. Thierry David) 4:27
Huong Vietnam (feat. Thierry David) 4:34
Luu Thuy, Binh Ban & Kim Tien 4:43
Ly Cay Da 1:34
Ly Cay Da (Song of the Banyan Tree) 1:33
Ly Lu La 3:13
Ly Lu La (Lu La Folk Song) 3:13
Ly Ngua 3:08
Ly Ngua O (Song of the Black Horse) 3:08
Ly Qua Keu 2:14
Ly Qua Keu (Song of the Crow) 2:14
Medley: Luu Thuy, Binh Ban & Kim Tien (Stream of Water, Piece in Moderation, Golden Coin) 4:43
Ngam Tho 4:18
Ngam Tho (Sung Poetry) 4:18
Qua Cau Gio Bay 4:45
Qua Cau Gio Bay (The Wind On The Bridge) 4:45
Tam Nhac Dan Tranh 3:17
Tam Nhac Dan Tranh (Dan Tranh Improvisation) 3:17
Tay Thi 3:28
Tay Thi (Tale of Tay Thi) 3:28
Tu Dai Canh 4:09
Tu Dai Canh (Four Grandiose Landscapes) 4:09

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