Jason Tobias

~ Person


Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/856323 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Bull Black Nova additional Wilco 5:39
Country Disappeared additional Wilco 4:02
Deeper Down additional Wilco 3:00
Either Way assistant Wilco 3:05
Everlasting Everything additional Wilco 4:01
Hate It Here assistant Wilco 4:31
I’ll Fight additional Wilco 4:24
Impossible Germany assistant Wilco 5:57
Leave Me (Like You Found Me) assistant Wilco 4:09
On and On and On assistant Wilco 4:00
One Wing additional Wilco 3:42
Please Be Patient With Me assistant Wilco 3:17
Shake It Off assistant Wilco 5:40
Side With the Seeds assistant Wilco 4:15
Sky Blue Sky assistant Wilco 3:23
Solitaire additional Wilco 3:05
Sonny Feeling additional Wilco 4:14
Walken assistant Wilco 4:26
What Light assistant Wilco 3:35
Wilco (The Song) additional Wilco 3:00
You and I additional Wilco 3:27
You Are My Face assistant Wilco 4:38
You Never Know additional Wilco 4:22
Deeper Down cymbalum [slide cimbalom] Wilco 3:00
Instrumental Action Soul The Diplomats of Solid Sound
Instrumental Action Soul The Diplomats of Solid Sound
The Jolly Banker additional Billy Bragg & Wilco 3:26