Fool’s ParadiseRandy Goodrum12" Vinyl10
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)28MM 0175[none]
Solitary NightsRandy Goodrum12" Vinyl10
GRP (Grusin-Rosen Productions)GRP-A-1019[none]
Solitary NightsRandy GoodrumCD10
GRP (Grusin-Rosen Productions)GRP-D-9527
Fool’s ParadiseRandy GoodrumCD10
  • JP1991-06-25
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)POCP-20424988005083951
Caretaker of DreamsRandy GoodrumCD9
  • JP1991-07-25
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)POCP-11134988005084644
An ExhibitionRandy GoodrumCD11
  • JP1992-12-02
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)POCP-12664988005112309
Caretaker of DreamsRandy GoodrumCD9
NOVA Records (US production label)NOVA 9352-2016931935229
Words and MusicRandy GoodrumCD11
  • JP1994-07-25
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)POCP-14484988005146236
Fool’s ParadiseRandy GoodrumSHM-CD10
  • JP2011-08-17
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)UICY-750954988005672322
Solitary NightsRandy GoodrumSHM-CD10
  • JP2011-08-17
GRP (Grusin-Rosen Productions)UICY-750964988005672339
Caretaker of DreamsRandy GoodrumCD10
  • JP2013-12-18
ViViD SOUND (imprint of VIVID SOUND CORPORATION (Japan))VSCD-35794540399035796
An ExhibitionRandy GoodrumCD12
  • JP2013-12-18
ViViD SOUND (imprint of VIVID SOUND CORPORATION (Japan))VSCD-35804540399035802
Words and MusicRandy GoodrumCD13
  • JP2013-12-18
ViViD SOUND (imprint of VIVID SOUND CORPORATION (Japan))VSCD-35814540399035819
Solitary NightsRandy GoodrumCD10
  • JP2014-07-23
GRP (Grusin-Rosen Productions)UCCV-95664988005832696
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