Pro-Tech (hard trance, Martin Roth & Uwe Wagenknecht)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Control 3:06
Control 4:06
Control ?:??
Control 5:29
Control (part of a “Área: The Secret, Volume 3” DJ‐mix) 4:00
Control (DJ Wag Remix) 5:35
Cosmic Vision (DJ Wag club mix) 7:08
Cosmic Vision (DJ Wag mix) 3:01
Dominating Power (DJ Wag mix) (part of a “Miami” DJ‐mix) 5:20
Free Your Mind 2:35
Out of Control 5:23
Out of Control DEG540104600 4:52
Out of Control 4:15
Out of Control 3:24
Out of Control (DJ Wag mix) 5:35
Out of Control (DJ Wag mix) 4:18
Out of Control (DJ Wag mix) 6:29
Out Of Control (DJ Wag Mix) (part of a “DJ Networx, Volume 2” DJ-mix) 5:05
Out of Control (DJ Wag remix) 6:29

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