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member of: Menudo (lead vocals) (1984 – 1989)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 A New Argentina Andrew Lloyd Webber 6:45
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 And the Money Kept Rolling In (and Out) Andrew Lloyd Webber 4:27
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 Another Suitcase in Another Hall Andrew Lloyd Webber 3:44
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 Buenos Aires Andrew Lloyd Webber 4:51
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 Charity Concert Andrew Lloyd Webber 2:32
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 Dice Are Rolling Andrew Lloyd Webber 5:48
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 Don't Cry for Me Argentina Andrew Lloyd Webber 6:54
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 Eva's Final Broadcast Andrew Lloyd Webber 2:25
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 Goodnight and Thank You Andrew Lloyd Webber 3:19
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 High Flying, Adored Andrew Lloyd Webber 3:34
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 Montage Andrew Lloyd Webber 2:15
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 Oh, What a Circus Andrew Lloyd Webber 6:55
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 On the Balcony of the Casa Rosada Andrew Lloyd Webber 2:03
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 On This Night of a Thousand Stars Andrew Lloyd Webber 5:12
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 Perón's Latest Flame Andrew Lloyd Webber 4:43
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 Rainbow Tour Andrew Lloyd Webber 4:56
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 Santa Evita Andrew Lloyd Webber 2:24
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 The Chorus Girl Hasn't Learned the Lines (You'd Like to Hear) Elena Roger 2:19
2012-04-29 – 2012-05-01 Waltz for Eva and Che Andrew Lloyd Webber 3:47
Be Careful (Cuidado con mi corazón) Ricky Martin & Madonna 4:05
Mamma Ricky Martin · Luciano Pavarotti 2:58
Mamma Luciano Pavarotti feat. Ricky Martin 2:58
No importa la distancia (Go the Distance) Ricky Martin 4:55
Nobody Wants to Be Lonely Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera 4:12
Private Emotion Ricky Martin feat. Meja 4:02
It's Alright Ricky Martin 3:31
Ricky Martin - A Tribute Studio 99
I Count the Minutes background vocals and lead vocals Ricky Martin 4:18
La copa de la vida (Spanglish version) (radio version) Ricky Martin 4:39
La Isla Bonita guest and lead vocals Glee Cast feat. Ricky Martin 3:14
Livin’ la vida loca Ricky Martin 4:03
Livin’ la vida loca (Joey Musaphia’s deep vocal edit) Ricky Martin 6:46
Sexy and I Know It guest and lead vocals Glee Cast feat. Ricky Martin 3:17
The Cup of Life (Spanglish radio edit) background vocals and lead vocals Ricky Martin 4:38
Solo quiero amarte
The Best Thing About Me Is You