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members: Ed Bones
Wayne Buaku
Chris Hayne
Marc Hunt
Jay Relf
Melanie Taylor (“Melanie Taylor (2)” on Discogs)
Samantha Turner
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Date Title Artist Length
Sargasso Sea Salt Tank 7:19
Sargasso Sea Salt Tank 7:19
Ancient Temples in the Southern Cape (Astralasia Mix) Suns of Arqa 5:14
Ballroom Blitz (Astralasia remix) Brian Connolly’s Sweet 4:38
Billy Whizz (Mungus mix by Astralasia) UVX 9:16
Billy Whizz (Whizzer and Chips mix by Astralasia) UVX 6:25
Clown (Astralasia remix) Switchblade Symphony 4:35
Govinda's Dream (Swordfish mix) Suns of Arqa 10:29
Govinda’s Dream (“Swimming” mix by Astralasia) Suns of Arqa 7:32
Heart Moon (Ambient Heart mix by Astralasia) Shiny Gnomes 8:44
Heart Moon (Astral Moon mix by Astralasia) Shiny Gnomes 8:51
In the Aftermath (Astralasia High Roller mix) Spahn Ranch 6:37
In the Aftermath (Astralasia mix) Spahn Ranch 6:36
Nightrain (Astralasia remix) Joe Lesté 4:56
Orgo Mogo Astralasia 6:34
Slap Tongue Squeaky Bonk Mushroom 12:36
Space Age Love Song (Astralasia remix) A Flock of Seagulls 4:57
Spirit of the Age (Cyber Trance mix) Hawkwind 9:55
Spirit of the Age (Flesh to Phantasy ambient mix) Hawkwind 12:06
Spirit of the Age (Flesh to Phantasy) Hawkwind 9:57
Spirit of the Age (full vocal mix) Hawkwind 9:52
Spirit of the Age (radio edit) Hawkwind 4:05
Sully's Reel (Astralasia Magick Mushroom Mix) Suns of Arqa 5:18
Uncle Sam on Mars (reconstructed by Astralasia) Hawkwind 6:32
You Never Blow Your Trip Forever (Or Wilja mix) Gong 7:00