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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Mother Durga (Change the World edit) Astralasia 4:38
Mother Durga (Change the World) Astralasia 8:16
Mother Durga (Change the World) Astralasia 8:41
Mystical Belief Astralasia 7:30
Now I Realize Astralasia 6:19
Oh Cowell Astralasia 8:31
Oh! Israel Astralasia 10:30
On the Other Side of the World Astralasia 7:44
One Fine Day Astralasia 5:58
One Fine Day (Quirk mix) Astralasia 2:28
Orgo Mogo Astralasia GBBFT9600010 6:34
Orgo Mogo Astralasia 6:17
Out There Astralasia 7:40
Peace Astralasia 9:34
Peace and Love Astralasia 7:51
Platform 8 Astralasia 12:27
Principles of Pleasure Astralasia 9:05
Principles of Pleasure Astralasia 9:03
Prologue (Carl Cox & Paul van Dyk mix) Astralasia 4:39
Prophecy of Life Astralasia 6:46
Psilocybe Semianceati Astralasia 2:14
Quest Astralasia 7:28
Random Hold - Buzzgum Astralasia 11:03
Rangoon Astralasia 6:56
Realise Your Purpose Astralasia 4:37
Realise Your Purpose Astralasia 4:39
Realise Your Purpose (7" Edit) Astralasia 3:38
Realise Your Purpose (Ambient Revolution Mix) Astralasia 7:07
Realise Your Purpose (Awareness Mix) Astralasia 8:12
Realise Your Purpose (Original Testimonial Mix) Astralasia 4:39
Rhythm of Life Astralasia 5:21
Rhythm of the After Life Astralasia 11:01
Riders on the Storm Astralasia 5:33
Sands of Time Astralasia 4:05
Sands of Time (Desert mix) Astralasia 7:36
Searching Astralasia 6:58
Secret Samanta Astralasia 8:40
Set Me Free Astralasia 6:54
Seven Deadly Sins Astralasia 6:47
Seven Pointed Star Astralasia 7:36
Seven Pointed Star (Astral Dub Seventh Dream) Astralasia 7:50
Seven Pointed Star (Black Hole Excursion) Astralasia 6:56
Seven Pointed Star (edit) Astralasia 3:36
Seven Pointed Star (full version) Astralasia 6:44
Seven Pointed Star (Seven Pointed Sitar Mix) Astralasia 7:30
Seven Pointed Star (The Prophecy) Astralasia 7:49
Seven Pointed Star Astral Dub Seventh Dream Astralasia 10:16
Seven Suns Astralasia 10:16
Seventh Wander Astralasia 8:13
Seventh Wonder Astralasia 8:13
Sexsquat Astralasia 6:46
She Does Astralasia 6:01
Shine Astralasia 6:52
Slider Astralasia 4:31
Special World Astralasia 6:08
Special World Astralasia 5:30
Special World (Astral dub) Astralasia 8:41
Special World (Top Buzz radio mix) Astralasia 4:10
Squatter In The House Astralasia 3:53
Storm in a Bong Bowl Astralasia 8:18
Strange Celestial Dream Astralasia 0:56
Strange Celestial Dream Astralasia 8:42
Strange Celestial Dream Astralasia 8:41
Sul-E-Stomp (132 O'Really O'Riley mix) Astralasia & Suns of Arqa 5:41
Sul-E-Stomp (Astral Ambient Excursion I) Astralasia & Suns of Arqa 10:34
Sul-E-Stomp (Astral Whirl Y Gig club mix) Astralasia & Suns of Arqa 6:20
Sul-E-Stomp (Astralwhirl radio edit) Astralasia & Suns of Arqa 2:57
Sul-E-Stomp (Ceilidh Mix) Astralasia & Suns of Arqa ?:??
Sul-E-Stomp (original Stompin mix) Astralasia & Suns of Arqa 6:08
Sul-E-Stomp (original stompin' mix) Astralasia 6:07
Sul-E-Stomp (Tripping Over a Four Leaf Clover Ambient Excursion II) Astralasia & Suns of Arqa 7:03
Sully's Trip Astralasia 7:18
Sweet Something Astralasia 6:51
Tantric Afterglow Astralasia 7:34
Tantric Afterglow (edit) Astralasia 3:16
Testimonial Astralasia 5:40
The Deep Astralasia 8:58
The Desert Astralasia 7:14
The Innosense Astralasia 15:24
The Ocean Astralasia 4:51
The Politics of Ecstasy Astralasia 5:53
The Sea Astralasia 7:37
The Sea (Whirl-Y-Waves mix) Astralasia 6:53
The Seven Pointed Star Astralasia 7:41
The Seven Pointed Star Astralasia 7:42
The Seven Pointed Star Astralasia 7:41
The Seven Pointed Star (Full version '97) Astralasia 6:44
The Spark of Life Astralasia 6:51
The Truth Astralasia 8:07
The Truth Astralasia 8:13
The World Outside (Somatik Edit) Astralasia 5:30
The World Outside (Take a Look) Astralasia 7:55
Third Uncle Astralasia 4:56
Til Morning Comes Astralasia 4:03
Time Captives (live) Astralasia 4:31
To a Better Place Astralasia 10:09
To a Better Place Astralasia 10:09
To a Better Place (Monkey Pilot mix) Astralasia 6:30
Trantric Afterglow Astralasia 6:47
Turn of the Tide Astralasia 14:33

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