Joseph Trapanese

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Date Title Credited As Artist Length
Adagio for TRON Daft Punk 4:11
Arena Daft Punk 1:33
Armory Daft Punk 2:03
Arrival Daft Punk 2:00
C.L.U. Daft Punk 4:39
Castor Daft Punk 2:18
Derezzed Daft Punk 1:44
Disc Wars Daft Punk 4:11
Encom, Part I Daft Punk 3:51
Encom, Part II Daft Punk 2:15
End of Line Daft Punk 2:36
Fall Daft Punk 1:23
Father and Son Daft Punk 3:09
Finale Daft Punk 4:23
Flynn Lives Daft Punk 3:22
Nocturne Daft Punk 1:42
Outlands Daft Punk 2:42
Outlands, Part II Daft Punk 2:53
Overture Daft Punk 2:28
Recognizer Daft Punk 2:38
Rectifier Daft Punk 2:14
Reflections Daft Punk 2:36
Rinzler Daft Punk 2:18
Round One Daft Punk 1:38
Sea of Simulation Daft Punk 2:40
Solar Sailer Daft Punk 2:42
Sunrise Prelude Daft Punk 2:51
The Game Has Changed Daft Punk 3:25
The Grid Daft Punk 1:37
The Son of Flynn Daft Punk 1:35
TRON Legacy (End Titles) Daft Punk 3:18
Andi Strung Up
Ashes of Our Fathers
Canyon Battle
Chair Slam
Close Shave
Dead Already
Dirty Cop
Dog Fight
Drug Lab
Earth 2077
Fearful Odds
Gear Up
Hole Drop
I'm Sending You Away
Jack's Dream
Jaka Caught
Losing Control
Machete Standoff
Moving Up, Part 1
Moving Up, Part 2
Odyssey Rescue
One Way Out
Putting a Mad Dog Down
Quaking Old F**K
Radiation Zone
Rama's Family Dream
Raven Rock
Tech 49
Temples of Our Gods
The Arrival
Uncle Andi
Undimmed by Time, Unbound by Death
Waking Up
We Have Company
We're Alone Here
You Can't Save Her
Back to the House
Blood Theme for Strings
Everything Changes
Following Trinity
Forgetting Lundy
I Need More Time
Ice Cream / Following Scott
Introducing Trinity
Love Your Wife
Needle in a Haystack
The Axe / Perfect
The End
The Perfect Pie / Killing Zoe
The Truth
Trinity Suite
We Need a Break / I Shot You
Can't Kill Us (Joe Trapanese Remix) Joe Trapanese The Glitch Mob 6:32