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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
ABCDE 12345 (Password Screen) ABSRDST 5:50
Affection ABSRDST 3:40
Awakening (Absrdst remix) ABSRDST 4:23
Big Sweetie (Goodbye) ABSRDST 1:51
Big Sweetie (Hello) ABSRDST 1:42
Blood Letting ABSRDST 2:51
Blooper ABSRDST 1:26
Can’t ABSRDST 3:42
Cecilia ABSRDST 3:26
Chakra Reset Button ABSRDST feat. Mike Keyz and 2Kee 3:04
Contortions ABSRDST 4:20
Court Date ABSRDST 3:01
Court Date ABSRDST 3:08
Court Date (Manami Matsumae remix) ABSRDST 3:17
Currency Box Countdown ABSRDST 6:00
DITTO Grimecraft feat. ABSRDST 3:45
El Shaddai (Finale) ABSRDST 3:29
Eureka ABSRDST 3:41
Even If We Were Birds ABSRDST 4:02
Even Though We Are Birds ABSRDST 4:10
Exploding Head Syndrome ABSRDST 3:33
Fiber Clone (Henry Homesweet DJ-Mix, part of Essential Chip Mix 2014) ABSRDST ?:??
Fiber Clone (Infinity Mijinion) ABSRDST 7:38
From the Bottom of My Heart ABSRDST 1:56
Gay Wolf Space Parade ABSRDST 4:38
Gigglin' Greg ABSRDST 2:23
Headcanon ABSRDST 3:04
Help Needed ABSRDST 6:32
Hi Squidoo ABSRDST feat. Maxo 3:36
Hold Me Squeeze Me ABSRDST 3:08
Hunger Strike ABSRDST 5:42
Jack ABSRDST 5:42
Karkat ABSRDST 3:06
Keep it Lowkey (Defend the Hidden Temple) ABSRDST 2:33
Kurloz (Let None Live) ABSRDST 2:28
Lead Poisoning (Bubble Man) ABSRDST 5:05
Let Me Freeze ABSRDST 6:03
Leviathan, Unwashed ABSRDST 3:51
Life Slices ABSRDST 3:49
Loosen Some of the Controls ABSRDST 2:20
Loss of Loved Ones ABSRDST 6:08
Love in the Making ABSRDST 5:23
Marble Aesthetics [ Sonic The Hedgehog: Marble Zone ] ABSRDST 2:18
Mystery Masterson ABSRDST 2:33
On the Lip ABSRDST 2:42
Ortiz Reprise (Ortiz) OldStyle feat. ABSRDST 1:59
People Skills ABSRDST 1:41
Pieces of Heart (Love, Loss, Hate) ABSRDST feat. Mike Keyz and 2Kee 3:18
Play It Right Spirit Fox ABSRDST 4:30
Practice ABSRDST 3:27
Rehearsal ABSRDST 1:31
Rick and Morty ABSRDST 3:07
Rigby Wearing Shades ABSRDST 5:03
Robot Stunt Club (Nitro Man) ABSRDST 4:05
Romantisme de la Souffrance ABSRDST 6:13
Say Goodbye ABSRDST 3:23
Scott ABSRDST 5:06
She Gave You Everything ABSRDST 3:04
Show Yourself Spirit Fox ABSRDST feat. Mike Keyz and 2Kee 2:58
Shut Your Eyes ABSRDST 1:52
Simpson ABSRDST 3:54
Skin Contest ABSRDST feat. JSTJR 3:58
Smile Man ABSRDST 3:23
Space Dad ABSRDST 5:02
Speaker, Speaker ABSRDST 5:48
Splinters in My Ears ABSRDST 3:41
Sugar Blossom and the Space Cadets ABSRDST 2:40
Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff ABSRDST 4:06
Texting ABSRDST 2:46
The Big Wedding ABSRDST 1:14
The Cold Ruins of a Once Great City (Metroid Prime) ABSRDST 5:53
The Devil Was in the Details ABSRDST 1:10
The Gardener ABSRDST 1:35
The Inventor (Dr. Wily) ABSRDST 6:22
The Shepard ABSRDST 1:50
Then You Left ABSRDST 4:44
Time Stopper (Flash Man) ABSRDST 3:55
Unified (Fire Emblem) ABSRDST 6:06
Vixen as She Watched the Sun ABSRDST 2:55
Warmth Forever ABSRDST 2:00
We're Beautiful ABSRDST & Diveo 4:01
We're the Robots (Wily Stage 2) ABSRDST 7:22
With Every Breath (Rachel) ABSRDST 4:13
Xhip Quim ABSRDST 5:28
Yoshi Moshi ABSRDST 3:50
You Can't Stop This Feeling ABSRDST 3:04

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