Performance name of: Chris Ballew (Christopher Weldon Ballew)

Also performs as: Caspar (Chris Ballew alias), The Giraffes (Side Project of Chris Ballew of Presidents of the United States)



2009Here I Am!Caspar Babypants1
2009More Please!Caspar Babypants1
2010This is Fun!Caspar Babypants1
2011Sing Along!Caspar Babypants1
2012Hot Dog!Caspar Babypants1
2013I Found YouCaspar Babypants1
2013Baby Beatles!Caspar Babypants1
2014Rise and Shine!Caspar Babypants1
2015Night Night!Caspar Babypants1
2015Beatles Baby!Caspar Babypants1
2016Winter Party!Caspar Babypants1
2016Away We Go!Caspar Babypants1
2017Jump For Joy!Caspar Babypants1
2018Keep It Real!Caspar Babypants1
2018Sleep Tight!Caspar Babypants1
2019Flying High!Caspar Babypants1
2020Bug Out!Caspar Babypants1
2020Happy Heart!Caspar Babypants1
2021Easy Breezy!Caspar Babypants2


1994Caspar and MollüskCaspar and Mollüsk2

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