Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Million Miles 3:23
All This and More 2:33
Anyone Can Make a Mistake 4:07
Blonde 5:52
Brassneck 4:26
Convertible 2:22
Don’t Be So Hard 2:59
Don’t Take Me Home Until I’m Drunk 3:37
Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft 3:41
Flying Saucer 5:00
Give My Love to Kevin 2:36
It’s What You Want That Matters 3:14
Kennedy 5:42
King’s Cross 3:10
My Favourite Dress 4:26
Perfect Blue 5:31
Shatner 3:05
Something and Nothing 3:22
What Did Your Last Servant Die Of? 2:11
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (extended version) 5:00
You Can’t Moan, Can You? 3:22

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