Antilav (gothic-electro)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Antilav 4:20
Basic Instinct 6:08
Basic Instinct (Perfecthate remix) 5:30
Call to Mind 6:54
Dance, Bleed, Cry 4:20
Das Ist EBM 3:09
Desperation 3:37
Fall Down 4:49
I Don't Wanna Take Apart 4:32
I'll Be Waiting 4:03
In My Dreams 5:09
In My Dreams (Absurd Minds remix) 5:29
In My Dreams (Delphic Karma remix) 9:40
In My Dreams (Desastroes remix) 6:28
In My Dreams (DYM remix) 4:10
In My Dreams (Komix remix) (radio edit) 3:08
In My Dreams (remixed by Signal Aout 42) 7:27
In My Dreams (Stahlschlag remix) 4:42
In My Dreams (Terræncantat remix) 5:45
In My Dreams (Winter Soul remix) 5:04
In My Dreams (Zaliva-D remix) 4:06
Meeting Autumn 3:51
Meeting Autumn 3:54
New Day (demo) 5:11
Not a Goth 4:13
Not a Goth (Charly Beck remix) 5:47
Not a Goth (Mirrors of Mind remix) 4:05
Not a Goth (Ratz Tanz remix by Bess) 4:35
Not a Goth (remixed by Concept Negative) 4:24
Not a Goth (Sacred Mixxx by Moon Gates Project) 4:30
Wings of Love 4:31
You See (demo) 5:08

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