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members: Jörg Kundinger
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Decoy guest [:SITD:] ?:??
Decoy guest [:SITD:] feat. The Retrosic 7:52
Bastard (remix by The Retrosic) Dunkelwerk 4:14
Feel! (A Different Feeling - remix by The Retrosic) Project Pitchfork 6:55
Forever (Clubcracker remix by The Retrosic) Bruderschaft 6:10
Hell on Earth (Retrosic remix) Aslan Faction 4:49
Hörst du mein Rufen (Retrosic mix) Umbra et Imago 4:43
Laughing Stock (The Retrosic remix) [:SITD:] 5:19
Laughingstock (remix by The Retrosic) [:SITD:] 5:17
Laughingstock (Retrosic remix) [:SITD:] 5:18
Leider (The Retrosic mix) Eisbrecher 4:57
Mindsucker (The Retrosic remix) Snow in China 5:15
Punto Omega (The Retrosic remix) Punto Omega 4:49
Scream (The Retrosic remix) T.H. Industry 2:45
There's No Tomorrow (The Retrosic remix) Clan of Xymox 7:09