Mortifer (Russian metal band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Day of Reckoning Mortifer 6:14
Agony Is Wired Mortifer 4:53
Beggar Mortifer 5:23
Better Escape Mortifer 4:01
Blind Faith Mortifer 3:36
Come Together Mortifer 4:29
Crematory's Yard Mortifer 5:27
Cryogenic Dream Mortifer 3:32
Cybernized Mortifer 3:12
Dance With Death Mortifer 4:43
Degenerate Era Mortifer ?:??
Deliverance From Disgrace Mortifer 4:51
Digital Bitch Mortifer 3:50
Don't Say Never Mortifer 4:56
Empire of Madness Mortifer 6:57
Experimental Hell Mortifer 4:56
Fatality Insane Mortifer 4:36
God Kills the Towns Mortifer 4:26
Guilty Mortifer 3:51
I'm Your Fear Mortifer 3:40
If Tomorrow Comes Mortifer 5:21
Into the Fire Mortifer 4:12
Ivan the Terrible Mortifer 4:21
Killed by Destiny Mortifer 7:06
Marching to Die Mortifer 4:17
Misanthrope Mortifer 3:25
Nuclear Demon Mortifer 5:02
Place of Unknown Graves Mortifer 4:33
Please Your Master Mortifer 4:48
Progression of Insanity Mortifer ?:??
Pushechnoe Myaso (Cannon Fodder) Mortifer 5:54
Re-Generation Mortifer 4:03
Realm Of Shades Mortifer 4:40
Recharge of Morality Mortifer 5:14
Roll the Dice Mortifer 3:16
Sea Of Tears Mortifer 4:22
Shot Down in Flames Mortifer 3:27
Slave Of Fate Mortifer 4:33
Somebody Put Something in My Drink Mortifer 3:41
Total Darkness Mortifer 5:28
Tower of Wisdom Mortifer 3:43
Until the End Mortifer 4:40
Valentina Promo feat. Mortifer 5:23
Атомный Дьявол Mortifer 7:58
Бездна Mortifer 5:01
Бессмысленная Война Mortifer 5:36
Исповедь Палача Mortifer 5:10
Крематорный Двор Mortifer 4:10
Сила И Власть Mortifer 6:29

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