Schizoid (performance name of Jason Smith)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Indulgence/Compulsion? Schizoid 3:20
Intro Schizoid 0:47
Is It Me? Schizoid 5:50
It Feels Like I'm Being Raped Schizoid 2:32
Life Is Struggle Schizoid 2:46
Life Is Struggle (Metal_nose_love remix) Schizoid 2:21
Mainstream Underground Schizoid 2:53
Mainstream Underground (M41nstr4m Underground remix) Schizoid 2:06
Misery Machine Schizoid 4:31
My Mind's Mine Schizoid 4:50
My World Schizoid 1:45
New God Schizoid 3:41
New God Schizoid 3:41
Nihillusion Schizoid 2:27
No Scene Schizoid 1:59
Nothing but the Same Schizoid 3:33
Nothing but the Same (remix) Schizoid 3:39
Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue Schizoid 2:00
Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue Schizoid 1:58
Now Is the Time Schizoid 4:48
Our Enemies Will Be Destroyed Schizoid 4:39
Out of Reach Schizoid 2:56
Out of Reach (Indie remix) Schizoid 2:45
Pained Schizoid 3:01
Pained Schizoid 2:51
Pained (remix) Schizoid 2:56
Physical Is the Illusion Schizoid 2:25
Physical Is the Illusion Schizoid 3:55
Physical Is the Illusion (Phyisicillusion remix) Schizoid 5:34
Physical Is the Illusion (remix) Schizoid 4:14
Poison Mouth Schizoid 4:51
Possessed Schizoid 2:06
Promise of the End Schizoid 3:50
Promise of the End (Tsunami Killcore remix) Schizoid 4:04
Real Evil Schizoid 1:45
Real Evil (remix) Schizoid 2:45
Real Evil (remix) Schizoid 2:02
Refusal Schizoid 3:05
Revolution Is a Business Ambassador21 feat. Disciples of Annihilation, Punish Yourself, Schizoid ?:??
Slaviour Saves Schizoid 4:18
Slaviour Saves (Sharer Trooms remix) Schizoid 4:26
Something to Look Forward To Schizoid 2:46
Something to Look Forward To (666 mix) Schizoid 2:14
Surviving the Game Schizoid 5:23
The Big Picture Schizoid 2:15
The Future of War Schizoid 4:04
The Last Extreme Schizoid 6:46
The Last Extreme (Last Xtreme remix) Schizoid 6:47
The Last Extreme (Quantum mix) Schizoid 4:37
The Next Extreme Schizoid 3:40
The Next Extreme (Canadian Extremity remix) Schizoid 3:48
The Next Extreme (Crunch mix) Schizoid 3:46
Thorn Schizoid 3:06
Trashed Schizoid ?:??
Two Minutes Hate Schizoid 2:00
Uncertainty Schizoid 2:52
Waiting for the Worms Schizoid 3:57
We Are the Gods Schizoid 4:22
You're Old, Fuck You! (Spitbass remix) Schizoid 0:11
Zombie Ambassador21 feat. Schizoid ?:??

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