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eponymous member of:Nice & Smooth
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Do SomethingGregg Mays
Money Makin’Gregg Mays
Don’t Understand (part of a “Wanna Buy a Monkey?” DJ‐mix)Masta Ace feat. Greg Nice1:45
Goody Goody (Hip Hop mix) (feat. Greg Nice)guestLisette Melendez5:41
HotThe Beatnuts feat. Greg Nice?:??
Start the CommotionThe Wiseguys feat. Greg Nice2:32
Turn It OutThe Beatnuts feat. Greg Nice4:33
Turn It OutThe Beatnuts feat. Greg Nice4:55
Turn It Out (clean)The Beatnuts feat. Greg Nice4:35
Turn It Out (instrumental)The Beatnuts feat. Greg Nice4:32
Turn It Out (real)The Beatnuts feat. Greg Nice4:36
Yo Yo YoThe Beatnuts feat. Greg Nice3:58
“Billy-Gene”Nice & Smooth1:06
Cake & Eat It TooNice & Smooth3:49
Down the LineNice & Smooth4:17
DWYCKGang Starr4:03
HarmonizeNice & Smooth3:34
Hip Hop JunkiesNice & Smooth3:29
How to FlowNice & Smooth4:26
One, Two and One More Makes ThreeNice & Smooth3:24
ParanoiacoNice & Smooth4:46
Pump It UpNice & Smooth2:43
Sex, Sex, SexNice & Smooth3:40
Sometimes I Rhyme SlowNice & Smooth2:50
Step by StepNice & Smooth3:20
Money Makin’A‐Trak & Dillon Francis4:19
Money Makin’ (45 King Bonus Beats remix)A‐Trak & Dillon Francis3:37
Money Makin’ (Barjo & Alban Lipp remix)A‐Trak & Dillon Francis4:07
Money Makin’ (Oliver Twizt Trap remix)A‐Trak & Dillon Francis5:26
DWYCKGregg Mays
Funky for YouGregg Mays
Microphone TechniquesG. Mays
Praise the LordGregg Mays
They Don't Want Music