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legal name: Mårten Edh
member of: Rebel Babel Ensemble
Looptroop Rockers (Swedish hip hop, previously known as Looptroop) (1991 –)
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist
6 MC's
Ahludatshit Chords feat. Promoe
Balaclavaboogieguest Movits! feat. Timbuktu & Promoe
Det sociala arvet Timbuktu feat. Promoe
En varningguest Svenska Akademien feat. Promoe
Fruktansvärld Timbuktu feat. Promoe
Hjälp dä brinner Timbuktu feat. Promoe
Magnetism Embee feat. Promoe
Of Men & Mics Timbuktu feat. Promoe
Supermarket Sweep Chords feat. Promoe
Naked Lunch 12'' Timbuktu feat. Promoe
6 MC'sguest Too Phat feat. Promoe, Vandal, Freestyle & Weapon X
Al filoguest SFDK con Juaninacka
Draa Akem feat. Promoe
Draaaguest Akem feat. Promoe
Duelo de vikingosguest SFDK con Promoe
Duelo de vikingos (feat. Promoe de Loop Troop)guest SFDK
Energyguest Mantra feat. Grey Ghost & Promoe
I Loveguest and lead vocals Rantoboko feat. Promoe, Timbuktu & Chords
I Love Music (feat. Promoe, Timbuktu & Chords)guest and lead vocals Rantoboko
I Love Music (feat. Promoe, Timbuktu & Chords)guest and lead vocals Rantoboko
Innerviews DJ Erase feat. Promoe
Internal Affairs Embee feat. Promoe
Ironical World (feat. Promoe)guest and lead vocals Rantoboko
Kill You Style DJ Erase feat. Kashal-Tee, Promoe, Cos.M.I.C & Supreme
Matter (feat. Promoe)guest Three Fall
Supermarket Sweepguest and lead vocals Chords feat. Promoe
Supermarket Sweep (a cappella)guest and lead vocals Chords feat. Promoe
Naked Lunchlead vocals Timbuktu feat. Promoe
The Bad Sleep Well EPlead vocals Timbuktu feat. Promoe
Vertigo / Blind Justicelead vocals Promoe & Timbuktu