Desperado (melodic post-hardcore band from Norway)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Midsummer Nightmare 2:46
A Tribute To The Living Dead 3:04
All Hat, No Cattle 3:01
All Hat, No Cattle 2:54
All Hat, No Cattle 2:59
All Hat, No Cattle ?:??
Beauty Is the First Victim 2:55
Broken Hearts, Broken Bones 2:51
Cut Some Slack For The Retarded 2:28
Don't Mistake Me for Your Friend 1:24
Evacuation 2:06
Fehu 3:09
Heritage From Hell ?:??
Hot Party And Summer Snakes 3:52
Intro From Hell 1:10
Kill All Rock Stars 1:09
Million Miles to Nowhere 3:12
Persistent Descent 3:00
Pervertion for Profit 3:00
Plastic Century Mantra 4:21
Temporary Shelter For Disease 4:12
The Day Emo Died 2:00
The Frame ?:??
Torturing The Demons 3:38
Velvet Suffocation 2:19
Vote for Freedom 2:12
Walls Don't Have Colors ?:??
We Wash Our Hands In Blood 3:00
Yesterday Ended Last Night 3:15

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