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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
concertmaster for
1965Night Lights (1965 version)Gerry Mulligan2:53
Baby Me BabyEngelbert Humperdinck3:14
Before the Night Is OverLeslie Smith3:35
Brought Up in New York (Brought Down in L.A.)Paul Anka3:33
Come Spend the MorningEngelbert Humperdinck2:28
Do You Still Remember MeLeslie Smith4:00
Don’t Ever Say GoodbyePaul Anka3:58
Don’t You Love Me Anymore?Engelbert Humperdinck2:47
Dream OnLeslie Smith4:13
Fly AwayPeter Allen4:01
Heart Don’t Fail Me NowEngelbert Humperdinck2:23
I Could Really Show You AroundPeter Allen4:14
I Don’t Break EasilyEngelbert Humperdinck3:30
I Don’t Go ShoppingPeter Allen4:34
I’m on the Outside Looking InLeslie Smith3:21
If You’re in LoveLeslie Smith4:14
Love’s a HeartacheLeslie Smith4:46
Maybe This TimeEngelbert Humperdinck3:19
My First Night Alone Without YouBonnie Raitt3:03
Say GoodnightEngelbert Humperdinck3:40
Somebody’s AngelPeter Allen4:02
Stay AwayEngelbert Humperdinck3:09
Steal the NightStevie Woods3:47
This Is LovePaul Anka3:44
Throw a Little Bit of Love My WayStevie Woods4:25
Till I Get It RightEngelbert Humperdinck2:29
When the Night EndsEngelbert Humperdinck4:03
When This Love Affair Is OverPeter Allen6:05
1946-07-04You Keep Coming Back Like a SongDinah Shore2:25
1946-07-08I May Be Wrong (but I Think You’re Wonderful)Dinah Shore2:50
"Ah, lo previdi...Ah, t'invola agl'occhi miei", K. 272Jennifer Vyvyan, The Haydn Orchestra, Harry Bluestone12:26
All I WantNick DeCaro3:21
Angie GirlNick DeCaro3:48
Canned MusicNick DeCaro4:36
Getting Mighty CrowdedNick DeCaro2:24
Happier Than the Morning SunNick DeCaro4:17
TapestryNick DeCaro3:58
Tea for TwoNick DeCaro3:54
Under the Jamaican MoonNick DeCaro4:41
Wailing WallNick DeCaro4:34
While the City SleepsNick DeCaro3:31
1935-04-25A Blues Serenade (1935-04-25 recording)violinGlenn Miller and His Orchestra2:51
1935-04-25In a Little Spanish TownviolinGlenn Miller and His Orchestra2:30
1935-04-25Moonlight on the Ganges (1935-04-25 recording)violinGlenn Miller and His Orchestra2:41
1940-03-03A Deserted FarmviolinArtie Shaw and His Orchestra2:48
1940-03-03Adios, Marquita LindaviolinArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:39
1940-03-03FrenesiviolinArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:05
1940-05-13April in ParisviolinArtie Shaw3:25
1940-05-13King for a DayviolinArtie Shaw3:23
1942-01-19Night and DayviolinFrank Sinatra & Axel Stordahl and His Orchestra3:03
1942-01-19The Lamplighter’s SerenadeviolinFrank Sinatra & Axel Stordahl and His Orchestra2:56
1942-01-19The Night We Called It a DayviolinFrank Sinatra & Axel Stordahl and His Orchestra3:23
1942-01-19The Song Is YouviolinFrank Sinatra & Axel Stordahl and His Orchestra3:25
1946-10-24I’m Sorry I Made You Cry (original studio master)violinFrank Sinatra3:04
1947-01-09I Concentrate on You (1947 original studio master)violinFrank Sinatra3:04
1947-03-11Stella by StarlightviolinFrank Sinatra3:22
1947-08-17But BeautifulviolinFrank Sinatra3:11
1947-08-22(Go to Sleep) My Sleepy HeadviolinThe Nat King Cole Trio2:45
1947-08-22Nature BoyviolinThe Nat King Cole Trio2:39
1947-08-22Nature BoyviolinKing Cole2:39
1947-08-22There’s a Train Out for DreamlandviolinThe Nat King Cole Trio2:37
1947-08-22Wildroot CharlieviolinThe Nat King Cole Trio2:42
1952-03-05Embraceable YouviolinBenny Goodman and His Orchestra2:35
1952-03-05GoodbyeviolinBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:22
1952-03-05If I Had YouviolinBenny Goodman and His Orchestra2:49
1952-03-05Lover, Come Back to MeviolinBenny Goodman and His Orchestra2:37
1953-04-02Day In, Day OutviolinFrank Sinatra3:20
1953-04-02Don’t Make a Beggar of MeviolinFrank Sinatra3:05
1953-04-02I’m Walking Behind YouviolinFrank Sinatra2:58
1953-04-02Lean Baby (original studio master)violinFrank Sinatra2:34
1954-05-13The Gal That Got Away (1954-05-13 studio recording)violinFrank Sinatra3:11
1955-03-04Deep in a Dream (original studio mix)violinFrank Sinatra2:49
1955-03-04I’ll Never Be the Same (original studio mix)violinFrank Sinatra3:06
1955-03-04It Never Entered My Mind (1955 original studio mix)violinFrank Sinatra2:42
1956-01-09I Thought About You (recorded 1956-01-09)violinFrank Sinatra2:32
1956-01-09You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me (recorded 1956-01-09)violinFrank Sinatra2:50
1956-01-09You Make Me Feel So Young (1956-01-09 Studio recording)violinFrank Sinatra2:57
1957-05-20Witchcraft (1957-05-20 studio recording)violinFrank Sinatra2:53
1961-09-12A Million Dreams Ago (original studio master)violinFrank Sinatra2:42
1961-09-12As Time Goes By (original studio master)violinFrank Sinatra3:18
1961-09-12I’ll Remember April (original studio master)violinFrank Sinatra2:50
1961-09-12It’s a Blue World (original studio master)violinFrank Sinatra2:50
1961-09-12Somewhere Along the Way (original studio master)violinFrank Sinatra3:02
1961-09-12These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You) (1961 original studio master)violinFrank Sinatra4:00
1965-12-13After You've GoneviolinBobby Darin?:??
1965-12-13Lover Come Back to MeviolinBobby Darin?:??
1967-01-03A Bid for FreedomviolinJerry Goldsmith1:23
1967-01-03Main TitleviolinJerry Goldsmith2:14
1967-01-03No EscapeviolinJerry Goldsmith5:18
1967-01-03The CaveviolinJerry Goldsmith1:21
1967-01-03The RevelationviolinJerry Goldsmith1:38
1967-01-03The Revelation – FinaleviolinJerry Goldsmith3:15
1968-01-03Main Title (film version)violinJerry Goldsmith2:18
1968-01-03No Escape (film version)violinJerry Goldsmith5:42
1968-01-03The Cave (film version)violinJerry Goldsmith1:23
1968-07-26Wishful Sinful (original studio mix)violinThe Doors2:58
1968-11-14Touch Me (original studio mix)violinThe Doors3:13
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Barrel Off StarboardviolinJohn Williams1:40
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Barrel Off Starboard (alternate segment)violinJohn Williams0:54
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Ben Gardner’s BoatviolinJohn Williams3:33
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Blown to BitsviolinJohn Williams3:16
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Brody PanicsviolinJohn Williams1:16
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Chrissie’s DeathviolinJohn Williams1:42
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10End TitleviolinJohn Williams2:19
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Father and Son (film version)violinJohn Williams1:58
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10From Bad to WorseviolinJohn Williams1:07
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Great ChaseviolinJohn Williams3:01
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Great Chase (alternate)violinJohn Williams3:02
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Hand to Hand CombatviolinJohn Williams2:33
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10In The Good Old Summertime (George Evans & Ren Shields)violinJohn Williams1:29
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Into the EstuaryviolinJohn Williams2:53
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Jaws - End TitleviolinJohn Williams1:57
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Jaws - Main TitleviolinJohn Williams0:59
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Jaws - Main Title (alternate)violinJohn Williams1:04
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Jaws: Main TitleviolinJohn Williams2:21
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Jaws: Out to SeaviolinJohn Williams2:30
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Joplin Rag (Original Rag) (Scott Joplin)violinJohn Williams2:06
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Man Against Beast (alternate)violinJohn Williams5:38
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Man Against Beast (film version)violinJohn Williams5:34
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Marching Band No. 1violinJohn Williams1:08
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Marching Band No. 2violinJohn Williams2:05
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10MontageviolinJohn Williams1:34
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Night SearchviolinJohn Williams3:33
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10One Barrel ChaseviolinJohn Williams3:07
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Out to Sea (film version)violinJohn Williams0:59
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Preparing the CageviolinJohn Williams3:28
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Promenade (Tourists on the Menu)violinJohn Williams2:48
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Quint Meets His EndviolinJohn Williams1:27
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Quint Meets His End (alternate)violinJohn Williams1:31
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Quint Thinks It OverviolinJohn Williams1:14
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Quint’s TaleviolinJohn Williams2:45
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Remains on the BeachviolinJohn Williams0:59
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Sea Attack Number OneviolinJohn Williams5:26
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Shark Tows OrcaviolinJohn Williams0:39
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10Shark Tows Orca (alternate)violinJohn Williams0:42
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10The Alimentary CanalviolinJohn Williams1:57
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10The Empty Raft (extended version)violinJohn Williams1:44
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10The First VictimviolinJohn Williams1:45
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10The Indianapolis StoryviolinJohn Williams2:27
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10The Pier IncidentviolinJohn Williams2:30
1975-03-03 – 1975-03-10The Shark Approaches (alternate)violinJohn Williams0:55
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concertmaster for
3‐Way Mirror (Pitman, NJ pressing)Livingston Taylor
A Woman Needs LoveRay Parker Jr. and Raydio
Home PlateBonnie Raitt
Home PlateBonnie Raitt
Love All the Hurt AwayAretha Franklin
Love All the Hurt AwayAretha Franklin
Love All the Hurt AwayAretha Franklin
Love All the Hurt AwayAretha Franklin
Love All the Hurt AwayAretha Franklin
Love All the Hurt AwayAretha Franklin
Love All the Hurt AwayAretha Franklin
Love All the Hurt AwayAretha Franklin
Love All the Hurt AwayAretha Franklin
Love All the Hurt AwayAretha Franklin
Love All the Hurt AwayAretha Franklin
SingleBill Champlin
YouAretha Franklin
Living Together, Growing TogetherHarry BluestonestringsThe 5th Dimension