Tha Chill (US rapper Vernon Johnson, member of Compton's Most Wanted)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
$ Right ! Tha Chill feat. MC Eiht, Bokie Loc & Lil’ 1/2 Dead 4:01
3rd Person Tha Chill feat. Att Will 3:17
100 Wit Us Mako Capone feat. Gangsta & Chill 4:19
Anytime You Want It Tha Chill feat. Kurupt & Weasel Loc 3:23
Arena Muzic (Chillstrumental) Tha Chill 1:41
Beware Ah My Crew Tha Chill, A-Bo, Att Will, Jaboe & Smooth O.N.E 4:10
Big Homie Muzic Tha Chill, Att Will, Buda Boo & A-Bo 4:39
Bigg Foot (Chillstrumental) Tha Chill 1:44
Bump J Tha Chill feat. Big Rocc 3:31
Chillafornia Tha Chill feat. Geed Up Radio 0:25
Chuuch Preach (Chillstrumental) Tha Chill 1:51
CMW Don't Care Tha Chill feat. MC Eiht & Boom Bam 4:35
Compton & Longbeach Daddy V feat. Lil’ 1/2 Dead, Tha Chill, Tripp Loc & CPO-Boss Hog 5:15
Countin’ Collahgreens Tha Chill, Att Will, Jaboe, Buda Boo & Smooth O.N.E 5:00
Denda (Skit) Tha Chill 1:19
Dirty Game Kokane & Traffik feat. Damajah & Tha Chill 4:16
Dirty West (Chillstrumental) Tha Chill 0:58
Drop Tha Chill 0:19
Dump RBX feat. Big Rose, Daddy V & Tha Chill ?:??
Eastside, Westside Lil’ 1/2 Dead feat. Chill 5:41
Everywhere I Go Daddy V feat. RBX, Tha Chill & Kokane 3:11
Forever Live Tha Chill, Bokie Loc, Att Will & Buda Boo 4:29
Forever Live Tha Chill feat. Bokie and Wanted Gang 3:30
From Da Hood Mako Capone feat. Chill & Lil’ 1/2 Dead 4:38
Full Throttle Tha Chill feat. Cat Iz 3:38
Get It In Tha Chill feat. Fatz & Lil’ 1/2 Dead 4:48
Ghetto Got My Mind Gone Tha Chill 3:59
Git Cha Bang On Daddy V feat. WC & Tha Chill 3:27
GM Radio (Skit) Tha Chill & Wanted Gang 0:46
GM Radio (Skit) Tha Chill & Wanted Gang 0:15
GM Radio (Skit) Tha Chill & Wanted Gang 0:29
GM Radio (Skit) Tha Chill & Wanted Gang 0:52
GM Radio (Skit) Tha Chill & Wanted Gang 0:29
Gotta Git Cha Lil’ 1/2 Dead feat. Chill & Tyme 4 Change 4:23
Groovy Ghouly (Chillstrumental) Tha Chill 1:14
Handel Bizzness Tha Chill 5:49
Have Dat Money Rite Tha Chill feat. MC Ren and Bokie 4:01
Hub City Tha Chill 3:11
Hustle Harder Play Harder Big Keboe feat. Tha Chill & Big 2Da Boy 4:38
I Ain't Fuc'N Wit You Tha Chill & Att Will 4:42
I Remember (Chillstrumental) Tha Chill 1:27
I'll Take You Places Tha Chill feat. Chag G 3:40
I'm Well Known Tha Chill, Att Will & Buda Boo 4:11
Ice Cream (Chillstrumental) Tha Chill 1:54
Im So and So Tha Chill feat. J2G 3:20
Interlude Tha Chill feat. DJ Silk 1:33
Interlude Tha Chill 1:15
Interlude Tha Chill 0:30
Intro Tha Chill 1:56
Introduction Tha Chill feat. RBX 1:17
Introduction Tha Chill 0:43
Keep It Gangsta Pomona City Rydaz feat. Lil’ 1/2 Dead & Tha Chill 3:44
Kickin' Back Being Blue (Remix) Mr. Criminal feat. Big To Da Boy, G Malone, Lil Eazy‐E, The Chill & Tray Dee 5:21
Killing Me Softly Tha Chill feat. Kurupt, King T, Jayo Felony & MC Eiht 3:46
King Ah Heatrocz Tha Chill 4:09
Late Nite Hype, Pt. 2 Tha Chill feat. Kokane 3:45
Let One Go Tha Chill feat. King T, Lil’ 1/2 Dead & Bokie Loc 3:58
Let's Go Tha Chill feat. Big Rocc and Kill Att Will 3:53
LetOne Go Tha Chill feat. King T, Lil’ 1/2 Dead & Bokie Loc 4:23
Life In Killaforina Tony Villah, Tha Chill & Domino 4:24
Like This Concrete Criminalz feat. Big2DaBoy, Young Droop & Tha Chill 4:05
Live A Lil Different Tha Chill feat. Fatz 3:39
My Story Tha Chill feat. Chag G 3:55
None Ah Dat Tha Chill & Bokie Loc 3:39
Not Given Ah Fucc Daddy V feat. Jayo Felony, Tha Chill, Att Will, Jaboe & Buda Boo 5:00
On My Cide Dazzie Dee feat. Coolio & M.C. Chill 4:07
Outro Tha Chill 4:07
Outroduction Tha Chill 1:09
Overdue Tha Chill feat. RBX 4:46
Patron In My Cup Mako Capone feat. Chill & Young Ace 4:22
Ragz 2 Richez Tha Chill feat. Fatz 3:36
Re-Introduction Tha Chill feat. Fab Five Freddy and MC Eiht 0:28
Really Don't Care Tha Chill feat. MC Ren, Lil’ 1/2 Dead & Boom Bam 4:37
Sharkz in da Watah King T feat. Kurupt, MC Eiht, Tha Chill, Gangsta & Jayo Felony 3:38
She So Spider Loc & J-Llove feat. Compton’s Most Wanted, Tha Chill & Boom Bam 3:41
Shot Caller MC Ren feat. Big Rocc & Tha Chill 4:22
Skul Time (Chillstrumental) Tha Chill 1:28
Smoke Dis Fn'J Tha Chill feat. MC Eiht & Jayo Felony 4:05
Soc'N Fools 'N Da Chest Tha Chill 2:07
Soul Plate King T feat. Tha Chill & Deadly Threat 3:48
Stz'll Got It Lil’ 1/2 Dead feat. AMG & Chill 5:39
Tablez 1stGeneration Tha Chill feat. Young Maylay & B.G. Knocc Out 4:27
Tales From the Hood Domino feat. Chill 4:18
That's Chill Tha Chill feat. Sly Boogy 3:51
That's Str8 B.S. Mako Capone feat. Chill & Cuicide 5:17
Thats How It Is Tha Chill feat. Weazel Loc & Kurupt Young Gotti 4:17
Thats My N*gga Tha Chill feat. Parc Boe & OG Daddy V 4:42
They Bac Tha Chill feat. Boom Bam 3:41
Threat Trizz feat. Tha Chill 3:17
Thuggish Ruggish (Chillstrumental) Tha Chill 1:06
Tired Ah Being Tired Tha Chill 3:45
Twistin On Some Thangz Daddy V feat. MC Eiht & Tha Chill 3:40
Verbatum Tha Chill feat. Tha Eastsidaz 4:44
Wake Up Daddy V feat. RBX, Tha Chill, Dresta & Att Will 3:36
We Ain't Feelen Nat Tha Chill feat. Tha Dogg Pound & Bokie Loc 4:08
We Do It Up Young Trav feat. Tha Chill & MC Eiht 2:43
Welcome 2 Chillafornia (Intro) Tha Chill 1:56
Welcome To The Ghetto Tha Chill, A-Bo, Att Will, Jaboe & Smooth O.N.E 3:33
West Tha Chill feat. Deadly Threat 4:14
West 1st Generation Tha Chill feat. CeeNDee 2:55

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