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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Aerobic Lambada Zhala 3:14
Efter livet Zhala 4:57
Holy Bubbles Zhala 4:37
Horoscope Zhala 3:41
I’m in Love Zhala 4:00
Lunch Zhala 3:38
Me and My Borderline Friend in Trance Zhala 4:20
Prince in the Jungle Zhala 4:48
Prophet Zhala 3:31
Prophet (Grammis version) Zhala feat. Robyn 3:32
Right Way’s Wrong Zhala 3:50
Slippin Around (26h Later) Zhala 5:53
Slippin Around (Aerea Negrot remix) Zhala 6:52
Slippin Around (Aérea Negrot remix) Zhala feat. Aérea Negrot 6:51
Slippin Around (Carli remix) Zhala feat. Carl Löf 5:56
Slippin Around (Cristian Dinamarca remix) Zhala feat. Cristian Dinamarca 3:57
Slippin Around (Greasy Niece remix) Zhala feat. Erik Haal 6:50
Slippin Around (Kornél & Nico remix) Zhala feat. Kornél Kovács 4:40
Slippin’ Around Zhala 4:07

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