Skid Row (US hard rock / heavy metal band)

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EventTypeRoleLocationDate TimeRating
Bon Jovi at Giants Stadium (1989-06-11)Concertsupport act 1989-06-11
Bon Jovi at Lakeland Civic Center (1989-09-25)Concertsupport act 1989-09-25
KISS at Tuscon Convention Center (2000-03-12)Concertsupport act 2000-03-12
KISS at Pan American Center (2000-03-14)Concertsupport act 2000-03-14
KISS at Mandalay Bay Events Center (2000-03-17)Concertsupport act 2000-03-17
KISS at Arrowhead Pond (2000-03-18)Concertsupport act 2000-03-18
KISS at San Diego Sports Arena (2000-03-19)Concertsupport act 2000-03-19
KISS at Bakersfield Centennial Garden (2000-03-21)Concertsupport act 2000-03-21
KISS at Oakland Arena (2000-03-23)Concertsupport act 2000-03-23
KISS at Lawlor Events Center (2000-03-25)Concertsupport act 2000-03-25
KISS at E Center (2000-03-27)Concertsupport act 2000-03-27
KISS at Pepsi Center (2000-03-28)Concertsupport act 2000-03-28
KISS at United Spirit Arena (2000-03-29)Concertsupport act 2000-03-29
KISS at Alamodome (2000-03-31)Concertsupport act 2000-03-31
KISS at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (2000-04-01)Concertsupport act 2000-04-01
KISS at Starplex Amphitheatre (2000-04-02)Concertsupport act 2000-04-02
KISS at Myriad Convention Center (2000-04-04)Concertsupport act 2000-04-04
KISS at Alltel Arena (2000-04-05)Concertsupport act 2000-04-05
KISS at Pensacola Civic Center (2000-04-06)Concertsupport act 2000-04-06
KISS at MARS Music Amphitheatre (2000-04-08)Concertsupport act 2000-04-08
KISS at TECO Arena (2000-04-09)Concertsupport act 2000-04-09
KISS at TD Waterhouse Centre (2000-04-11)Concertsupport act 2000-04-11
KISS at Ice Palace (2000-04-12)Concertsupport act 2000-04-12
KISS at BJCC Arena (2000-04-14)Concertsupport act 2000-04-14
KISS at Philips Arena (2000-04-15)Concertsupport act 2000-04-15
KISS at New Orleans Arena (2000-04-16)Concertsupport act 2000-04-16
KISS at Carolina Coliseum (2000-04-18)Concertsupport act 2000-04-18
KISS at New Charlotte Coliseum (2000-04-20)Concertsupport act 2000-04-20
KISS at Bi‐Lo Center (2000-04-21)Concertsupport act 2000-04-21
KISS at Greensboro Coliseum (2000-04-22)Concertsupport act 2000-04-22
KISS at McKenzie Arena (2000-04-24)Concertsupport act 2000-04-24
KISS at The Pyramid (2000-04-25)Concertsupport act 2000-04-25
KISS at AmSouth Amphitheater (2000-04-28)Concertsupport act 2000-04-28
KISS at Freedom Hall (2000-04-29)Concertsupport act 2000-04-29
KISS at Thompson–Boling Arena (2000-04-30)Concertsupport act 2000-04-30
KISS at Charleston Civic Center (2000-05-02)Concertsupport act 2000-05-02
KISS at Roanoke Civic Center (2000-05-03)Concertsupport act 2000-05-03
KISS at Gund Arena (2000-05-05)Concertsupport act 2000-05-05
KISS at Gund Arena (2000-05-06)Concertsupport act 2000-05-06
KISS at Van Andel Arena (2000-05-07)Concertsupport act 2000-05-07
KISS at John F. Savage Hall (2000-05-09)Concertsupport act 2000-05-09
KISS at Allstate Arena (2000-05-11)Concertsupport act 2000-05-11
KISS at Allstate Arena (2000-05-12)Concertsupport act 2000-05-12
KISS at Polaris Amphitheater (2000-05-13)Concertsupport act 2000-05-13
KISS at Peoria Civic Center (2000-05-15)Concertsupport act 2000-05-15
KISS at Mark of the Quad Cities (2000-05-16)Concertsupport act 2000-05-16
KISS at Target Center (2000-05-17) (cancelled)Concertsupport act 2000-05-17
KISS at Target Center (2000-05-18)Concertsupport act 2000-05-18
KISS at Marcus Amphitheater (2000-05-19)Concertsupport act 2000-05-19
KISS at Deer Creek Music Center (2000-05-20)Concertsupport act 2000-05-20
KISS at Riverbend Music Center (2000-05-22)Concertsupport act 2000-05-22
KISS at The Palace of Auburn Hillls (2000-05-24)Concertsupport act 2000-05-24
KISS at The Palace of Auburn Hillls (2000-05-25)Concertsupport act 2000-05-25
KISS at Star Lake Amphitheater (2000-05-26)Concertsupport act 2000-05-26
KISS at Richmond Coliseum (2000-06-06)Concertsupport act 2000-06-06
KISS at War Memorial at Oncenter (2000-06-08) (cancelled)Concertsupport act 2000-06-08
KISS at Jones Beach Theater (2000-06-09)Concertsupport act 2000-06-09
KISS at Jones Beach Theater (2000-06-10)Concertsupport act 2000-06-10
KISS at Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts (2000-06-12)Concertsupport act 2000-06-12
KISS at Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts (2000-06-13)Concertsupport act 2000-06-13
KISS at Cumberland County Civic Center (2000-06-15)Concertsupport act 2000-06-15
KISS at Blockbuster–Sony Music Entertainment Centre (2000-06-16)Concertsupport act 2000-06-16
KISS at Erie Civic Center (2000-06-19)Concertsupport act 2000-06-19
KISS at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (2000-06-20)Concertsupport act 2000-06-20
KISS at Centre Molson (2000-06-22)Concertsupport act 2000-06-22
KISS at Air Canada Centre (2000-06-23)Concertsupport act 2000-06-23
KISS at HSBC Arena (2000-06-24)Concertsupport act 2000-06-24
KISS at Continental Airlines Arena (2000-06-27)Concertsupport act 2000-06-27
KISS at Continental Airlines Arena (2000-06-28)Concertsupport act 2000-06-28
KISS at Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek (2000-06-30)Concertsupport act 2000-06-30
KISS at Nissan Pavilion at Stone Ridge (2000-07-01)Concertsupport act 2000-07-01
KISS at GTE Amphitheatre (2000-07-02)Concertsupport act 2000-07-02
KISS at Hersheypark Stadium (2000-07-05)Concertsupport act 2000-07-05
KISS at Coors Light Amphitheatre at Montage Mountain (2000-07-07)Concertsupport act 2000-07-07
KISS at Meadows Music Theater (2000-07-08)Concertsupport act 2000-07-08
KISS at Kohl Center (2000-07-11)Concertsupport act 2000-07-11
KISS at Target Center (2000-07-13)Concertsupport act 2000-07-13
KISS at Fargodome (2000-07-14)Concertsupport act 2000-07-14
KISS at Winnipeg Arena (2000-07-16)Concertsupport act 2000-07-16
KISS at Saskatchewan Place (2000-07-17)Concertsupport act 2000-07-17
KISS at Canadian Airlines Saddledome (2000-07-19)Concertsupport act 2000-07-19
KISS at Skyreach Centre (2000-07-20)Concertsupport act 2000-07-20
KISS at The Gorge Amphitheatre (2000-07-22)Concertsupport act 2000-07-22
KISS at Rose Garden Arena (2000-07-24)Concertsupport act 2000-07-24
KISS at Idaho Center Arena (2000-07-26)Concertsupport act 2000-07-26
KISS at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (2000-08-11)Concertsupport act 2000-08-11
KISS at Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion (2000-08-12)Concertsupport act 2000-08-12
KISS at Coors Amphitheatre (2000-08-14)Concertsupport act 2000-08-14
KISS at Tingley Coliseum (2000-08-15)Concertsupport act 2000-08-15
KISS at Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Special Events Center (2000-08-17)Concertsupport act 2000-08-17
KISS at Cajundome (2000-08-18)Concertsupport act 2000-08-18
KISS at Mississippi Coliseum (2000-08-19)Concertsupport act 2000-08-19
KISS at Mississippi Coast Coliseum (2000-08-21)Concertsupport act 2000-08-21
KISS at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (2000-08-22)Concertsupport act 2000-08-22
KISS at Fort Worth Convention Center (2000-08-23)Concertsupport act 2000-08-23
KISS at Sandstone Amphitheater (2000-08-25)Concertsupport act 2000-08-25
KISS at Riverport Amphitheatre (2000-08-26)Concertsupport act 2000-08-26
KISS at Britt Brown Arena at Kansas Coliseum (2000-08-28)Concertsupport act 2000-08-28
KISS at Omaha Civic Auditorium (2000-08-29)Concertsupport act 2000-08-29
KISS at Hilton Coliseum (2000-08-30)Concertsupport act 2000-08-30