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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Midnight City (Team Ghost Remix) M83 4:00
Midnight City (Trentemoller remix) M83 3:01
Midnight City (Trentemøller remix) M83 7:29
Midnight City (Trentemøller remix) M83 7:29
Midnight City (Trentemøller Remix) M83 7:29
Midnight Soul Still Remains M83 11:31
Midnight Souls Still Remain M83 GBSLQ0700011 2 11:10
Mirror M83 5:45
Mirror M83 5:44
Mon enfant M83 GB55H1300009 3:04
Moon Child M83 FR86W0400201 4:38
Moon Child M83 4:38
Moon Crystal M83 2:27
My Face M83 FR86W0100130 1:39
My Face M83 1:38
My Own Strange Path M83 FRZ110701632 3:49
My Own Strange Path M83 3:49
My Tears Are Becoming a Sea M83 GB55H1100012 2:32
My Tears Are Becoming a Sea M83 2:31
New Map M83 GB55H1100013 4:23
Night M83 5:47
Night M83 FR86W0100020 4:45
Night M83 5:49
Night M83 4:46
Night (remix by ISAN) M83 4:13
Noise M83 FR86W0300320 5 3:54
Noise M83 9:22
Nous M83 GB55H1300006 1:36
Nous II M83 GB55H1300015 1:31
Oblivion M83 feat. Susanne Sundfør USQ4E1300626 5:56
Odyssey Rescue M83 USQ4E1300607 4:08
OK Pal M83 GB55H1100014 3:58
On a White Lake, Near a Green Mountain M83 FR86W0300310 4:44
Outro M83 4:00
Outro M83 0:15
Outro M83 GB55H1100022 4:07
Outro M83 4:07
Planet Rock (acapella) / Midnight City (Eric Prydz Private remix) / In and Out of My Life (acapella) (part of “Running Trax: Mash up” DJ‐mix) Powers That Be vs. Roland Clark / M83 / ATFC presents OnePhatDeeva 4:37
Raconte-moi une histoire M83 GB55H1100006 4:04
Radiation Zone M83 USQ4E1300616 4:11
Raven Rock M83 USQ4E1300619 4:33
Retrieval M83 USQ4E1300609 6:47
Return from Delta M83 USQ4E1300608 2:22
Return to Empire State M83 USQ4E1300613 6:41
Reunion M83 GB55H1100003 4 3:55
Reunion M83 3:57
Reunion M83 3:57
Reunion M83 3:55
Reunion (Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr remix) M83 4:53
Reunion (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. remix) M83 4:51
Reunion (instrumental) M83 4:00
Reunion (instrumental) M83 3:59
Reunion (Mylo remix) M83 6:02
Reunion (Mylo remix) M83 6:04
Reunion (Mylo remix) M83 4:44
Reunion (Mylo remix) M83 6:01
Reunion (Mylo remix) (part of a “MoS: Chillout Sessions XV” DJ‐mix) M83 4:05
Reunion (Mylo Remix) M83 6:04
Reunion (Naked & Famous remix) M83 5:58
Reunion (Polly Scattergood remix) M83 5:02
Reunion (Polly Scattergood remix) M83 5:01
Reunion (radio edit) M83 3:32
Reunion (radio edit) M83 3:30
Reunion (Sei a remix) M83 6:51
Reunion (Sei A remix) M83 6:53
Reunion (Sei A Remix) M83 6:54
Reunion (The Naked and Famous remix) M83 5:57
Reunion (Tropics remix) M83 4:34
Reunion (We Have Band remix) M83 5:13
Reunion (White Sea remix) M83 4:59
Reunion (White Sea remix) M83 4:59
Reunion (White Sea Remix) M83 5:01
Revelations M83 USQ4E1300611 1:42
Road Blaster M83 4:22
Run Into Flowers M83 FR86W0300280 4:09
Run Into Flowers M83 7:29
Run Into Flowers M83 4:11
Run Into Flowers M83 4:15
Run Into Flowers M83 5:15
Run Into Flowers (Abstrackt Keal Agram remix) M83 FR86W0300410 3:39
Run Into Flowers (Cyann & Ben version) M83 FR86W0300458 7:02
Run Into Flowers (Ig Farbenvorschlag remix by KG) M83 FR86W0300430 4:06
Run Into Flowers (Midnight Fuck remix by Jackson) M83 FR86W0300420 7:31
Run Into Flowers (Midnight Fuck remix by Jackson) (part of a “Fabric 13: Michael Mayer” DJ‐mix) M83 and Benoit Villeneuve 5:03
Run Into Flowers (Midnight Fuck remix) M83 7:30
Run Into Flowers (U.N.K.L.E. reprise) (part of a “Global Underground #026: James Lavelle: Romania” DJ‐mix) M83 4:13
Safe M83 FR86W0400210 4:53
She Stands Up M83 FR86W0100100 5:41
Sister (Part 1) M83 2:15
Sister (Part 2) M83 2:23
Sister, Part 1 M83 FRZ110701630 2:16
Sister, Part 2 M83 FRZ110701634 2:23
Sitting M83 FR86W0100050 3:04
Sitting M83 2:54
Skin of the Night M83 GBSLQ0700003 4 6:13
Skin of the Night M83 6:06
Skin of the Night M83 6:49
Slight Night Shiver M83 FR86W0400213 2:05
Slowly M83 FR86W0100120 4:57
Solitude M83 6:04

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