Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Nightmare on Elm Street (Main Theme) 3:34
Blade Runner 3:22
Cantina Band 4:08
Christine (Car Obsession / Christine Attacks) 4:17
Close Encounters of the Third Kind 3:19
Come With Me From "Godzilla" ?:??
Destruction of Peace 4:25
Dracula (Dracula / Storm Sequence) 2:57
Dune (Desert Theme) 5:09
E.T. Phone Home (from "E.T.") 3:20
Friday the 13th (Main Theme) 3:41
Gremlin Rag From "Gremlins" ?:??
Halloween (Main Theme) 2:23
Heroes From "Godzilla" ?:??
Hook (Main Title from "Hook") 1:29
Hymn to the Fallen (from "Saving Private Ryan") 6:06
Imperial March 3:01
Let's Go Home 1:08
Looking for Clues (Main Title From "Godzilla") ?:??
Luke & Leia 3:54
March of the Jedi Knights 2:22
Miss Celie's Blues (from "The Color Purple") 2:36
Poltergeist (Main Theme) 3:27
Psycho (Prelude / The Murder) 2:56
Schindler's List (from "Schindler's List") 4:14
Scream (Trouble in Woodsboro / Sidney's Lament) 3:26
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (from "Always") 2:45
Sooty Theme 1:47
Star Beyond Time 5:16
Star Trek 3:00
Star Trek (Film Theme) 3:00
Star Wars Theme 3:21
Star Wars Theme 3:20
The Black Hole 1:45
The Conversation (from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind") 3:40
The Cylon Trap 3:49
The Empire Strikes Back 3:00
The Empire Strikes Back 2:59
The Eve of the War 4:05
The Hunger (Flower Duet from Lakmé) 3:49
The Prince of Darkness (Main Theme) 3:48
The Red Nova 2:25
The Search for Spock 3:32
The Shining (Main Title) 3:32
The Wrath of Kahn 3:15
Theme From "Godzilla vs. Mothra" ?:??
Theme From "Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster" ?:??
Theme From "Gozilla vs .Gigan" ?:??
Theme From "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" ?:??
Theme From "Jaws 2" ?:??
Theme from "Jaws" 4:07
Theme From "Jaws" ?:??
Theme from "Jurassic Park" CAM460407279 3:18
Theme From "Jurassic Park" ?:??
Theme From "King Kong" ?:??
Theme from "The Lost World" 3:34
Theme From "The Lost World" ?:??
Theme From Alien 2:39
Theme From Battlestar Galactica 1:31
Theme From E.T. 3:55
Theme From Superman 4:59
Tubular Bells 4:21
Yoda's Theme 3:37

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