members:Aldona Bartnik (soprano vocals)
Andreas Goetze (Bass Vocalist) (bass vocals)
Frederique Klooster (Soprano) (soprano vocals)
Maria van Nieukerken
Alfrun Schmid (Soprano) (alto vocals, soprano vocals)
Daan Verlaan (Tenor) (tenor vocals)
Annette Vermeulen (Alto) (alto vocals)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
A Phantasmic Paradechoir vocals and guestEpica4:36
A Theater of DimensionsPA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria14:22
Ascension – Dream State Armageddonchoir vocals and guestEpica5:16
Betrayerchoir vocals and guestXandria6:06
Betrayer (instrumental)choir vocals and guestXandria6:07
Beyond the Good, the Bad and the Uglychoir vocals and guestEpica4:30
Beyond the Matrixchoir vocals and guestEpica6:26
Burn MePA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria4:42
Call of DestinyPA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria4:10
Call of Destiny (Acoustic Version)PA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria5:04
Canvas of Lifechoir vocals and guestEpica5:28
Chemical Insomniachoir vocals and guestEpica5:12
Come With Mechoir vocals and guestXandria4:56
Come With Me (instrumental)choir vocals and guestXandria4:57
Dancing in a Gypsy Campchoir vocals and guestEpica4:28
Dancing in a Hurricanechoir vocals and guestEpica5:26
Dark Night of the Soul (Acoustic Version)PA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria4:33
Dark Night of the SoulPA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria5:21
Dark Side of Her Majestychoir vocals [Classical Choir]Demons & Wizards4:38
Death to the HolyPA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria4:46
Diabolicchoir vocals [Classical Choir]Demons & Wizards8:01
Divide and Conquerchoir vocals and guestEpica7:48
Dreamkeeperchoir vocals and guestXandria4:36
Dreamkeeper (instrumental)choir vocals and guestXandria4:38
Dreamscapechoir vocals and guestEpica5:01
Edge of the Bladechoir vocals and guestEpica4:34
Eidolachoir vocals and guestEpica2:39
Forsaken LovePA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria4:20
Immortal Melancholy (acoustic version)choir vocals and guestEpica3:13
Immortal Melancholy (piano version)choir vocals and guestEpica3:15
In Remembrance (Acoustic Version)PA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria2:54
Little Red Relishchoir vocals and guestXandria4:32
Little Red Relish (instrumental)choir vocals and guestXandria4:34
Natural Corruptionchoir vocals and guestEpica5:24
Nightfallchoir vocals and guestXandria3:56
Nightfall (instrumental)choir vocals and guestXandria3:57
Omen (The Ghoulish Malady)choir vocals and guestEpica5:28
Once Upon a Nightmarechoir vocals and guestEpica7:08
Originemchoir vocals and guestEpica2:11
Our Neverworldchoir vocals and guestXandria3:46
Our Neverworld (instrumental)choir vocals and guestXandria3:46
Queen of Hearts RebornPA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria5:16
Reverence (Living in the Heart)choir vocals and guestEpica5:02
Sacrificiumchoir vocals and guestXandria10:07
Sacrificium (instrumental)choir vocals and guestXandria10:05
Sense Without Sanity (The Impervious Code)choir vocals and guestEpica7:42
Ship of DoomPA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria4:50
Song for Sorrow and WoePA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria5:24
Stardustchoir vocals and guestXandria5:33
Stardust (instrumental)choir vocals and guestXandria5:33
Sweet Atonementchoir vocals and guestXandria4:14
Sweet Atonement (Acoustic Version)PA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria3:31
Sweet Atonement (instrumental)choir vocals and guestXandria4:14
Tear Down Your Wallschoir vocals and guestEpica5:03
Temple of Hatechoir vocals and guestXandria5:50
Temple of Hate (instrumental)choir vocals and guestXandria5:51
The Cosmic Algorithmchoir vocals and guestEpica4:54
The Essence of Silencechoir vocals and guestEpica4:48
The Fifth Guardian (interlude)choir vocals and guestEpica3:04
The Funky Algorithmchoir vocals and guestEpica3:30
The Holographic Principle – A Profound Understanding of Realitychoir vocals and guestEpica11:35
The Quantum Enigma (Kingdom of Heaven, Part II)choir vocals and guestEpica11:53
The Second Stonechoir vocals and guestEpica5:00
The Undiscovered Landchoir vocals and guestXandria7:22
The Undiscovered Land (instrumental)choir vocals and guestXandria7:23
The Watcherchoir vocals and guestXandria4:49
Unchain Utopiachoir vocals and guestEpica4:45
Universal Death Squadchoir vocals and guestEpica6:38
Universal Love Squadchoir vocals and guestEpica3:45
Until the Endchoir vocals and guestXandria5:39
Until the End (instrumental)choir vocals and guestXandria5:39
Valentine (Acoustic Version)PA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria3:28
Victims of Contingencychoir vocals and guestEpica3:31
We Are Murderers (We All)PA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria5:51
When the Walls Came Down (Heartache Was Born)PA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria5:11
Where the Heart Is HomePA'dam Choirchoir vocalsXandria6:53