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members: Adam Gardner (US guitarist/vocalist for Guster)
Ryan Miller (lead singer/vocalist for Guster)
Brian Rosenworcel
Joe Pisapia (2003 – 2010-09)
Luke Reynolds (2010-09 –)
supporting artists: Georgia Rae Family Band (2015-11-14 – 2015-11-15)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Come Downstairs and Say Hello Guster 6:15
Demons Guster 4:08
Fa Fa Guster 5:10
Fair Ben Folds feat. Guster 6:36
Give Judy My Notice Ben Folds feat. Guster 3:42
Kiss the Sky guest Ben Folds feat. Guster 1:20
Lightning Rod Guster 2:55
On the Ocean Guster 4:30
Purple Haze Ben Folds feat. Guster 1:22
Ramona Guster 3:01
Satellite Guster 4:23
This Is How It Feels to Have a Broken Heart Guster 3:24
Two Points for Honesty Guster 3:54
Ultimate Sacrifice Ben Folds feat. Guster 6:40
What You Call Love Guster 3:45