1987Devil Between My ToesGuided by Voices4
1987SandboxGuided by Voices1
1989Self-Inflicted Aerial NostalgiaGuided by Voices2
1990Same Place the Fly Got SmashedGuided by Voices2
1992PropellerGuided by Voices6
1993Vampire on TitusGuided by Voices7
1994Bee ThousandGuided by Voices4.358
1995Alien LanesGuided by Voices39
1996Under the Bushes Under the StarsGuided by Voices59
1996Tonics & Twisted ChasersGuided by Voices2
1997Mag Earwhig!Guided by Voices7
1999Do the CollapseGuided by Voices8
2001Isolation DrillsGuided by Voices4
2002Universal Truths and CyclesGuided by Voices6
2003Earthquake GlueGuided by Voices4
2004Half Smiles of the DecomposedGuided by Voices4
2012Let's Go Eat the FactoryGuided by Voices32
2012Class Clown Spots a UFOGuided by Voices4
2012The Bears for LunchGuided by Voices3
2013English Little LeagueGuided by Voices4
2014Motivational JumpsuitGuided by Voices2
2014Cool PlanetGuided by Voices7
2016Please Be HonestGuided by Voices1
2017August By CakeGuided by Voices2
2017How Do You Spell HeavenGuided by Voices3
2018Space GunGuided by Voices3
2019Zeppelin Over ChinaGuided by Voices3
2019Warp And WoofGuided by Voices3
2019Sweating the PlagueGuided by Voices3
2020Surrender Your Poppy FieldGuided by Voices3
2020Mirrored AztecGuided by Voices3
2020Styles We Paid ForGuided by Voices3
2021Earth Man BluesGuided by Voices3
2021It's Not Them. It Couldn't Be Them. It Is Them!Guided by Voices2
2022Crystal Nuns CathedralGuided by Voices3
2022Tremblers and Goggles by RankGuided by Voices2

Album + Compilation

1993Vampire on Titus / PropellerGuided by Voices1
1993An Earful o'WaxGuided by Voices1
1995BoxGuided by Voices1
1995King Shit & The Golden BoysGuided by Voices3
2000Briefcase (Suitcase Abridged: Drinks and Deliveries)Guided by Voices1
2000Suitcase: Failed Experiments and Trashed AircraftGuided by Voices1
2003Human Amusements at Hourly Rates: The Best of Guided by VoicesGuided by Voices2
2003Hardcore UFOs: Revelations, Epiphanies and Fast Food in the Western HemisphereGuided by Voices3
2005Suitcase 2: American Superdream WowGuided by Voices2
2005Briefcase 2 (Suitcase 2 Abridged: The Return of Milko Waif)Guided by Voices1
2009Suitcase 3: Up We Go NowGuided by Voices1
2015Briefcase Four: Captain Kangaroo Won the WarGuided by Voices1
2015Suitcase 4: Captain Kangaroo Won the WarGuided by Voices1

Album + Live

19978 Rounds: GVSB vs. GBVGirls Against Boys / Guided by Voices1
2007Live From Austin, TXGuided by Voices1
2010Live at First AvenueGuided by Voices1
2010Live in Daytron ? 6°Guided by Voices1
2014Live - June 25, 1994Guided by Voices1
2018Ogre's TrumpetGuided by Voices2

Album + Demo

2020Do The Collapse (Bob & Doug Demos)Guided by Voices1
2020Psychopath Timecard (August By Cake demos)Guided by Voices1


1993Guided by Voices / Jenny Mae LeffelGuided by Voices / Jenny Mae Leffel2
1994Guided by Voices / BelreveGuided by Voices / Belreve1
1994Guided by Voices / GriftersGuided by Voices / Grifters1
1995Motor Away / Color of My BladeGuided by Voices2
1995Guided by Voices / New Radiant Storm KingGuided by Voices / New Radiant Storm King1
1996The Official Ironmen Rally SongGuided by Voices1
1996Cut-Out WitchGuided by Voices2
1996Brighton RocksGuided by Voices1
1997Guided by Voices / Cobra VerdeGuided by Voices / Cobra Verde1
1997Bulldog SkinGuided by Voices2
1997I Am a TreeGuided by Voices2
1999Surgical FocusGuided by Voices1
1999Teenage FBIGuided by Voices2
1999Hold on HopeGuided by Voices2
2001Chasing Heather CrazyGuided by Voices1
2001Glad GirlsGuided by Voices2
2002Back to the LakeGuided by Voices3
2002CheyenneGuided by Voices1
2002Everywhere With HelicopterGuided by Voices2
2002Universal Truths and CyclesGuided by Voices1
2002Guided by Voices / Sin Sin 77Guided by Voices / Sin Sin 771
2003My Kind of SoldierGuided by Voices1
2003The Best of Jill HivesGuided by Voices1
2004Window of My WorldGuided by Voices1
2011We Won't Apologize for the Human Race / The Unsinkable Fats DominoGuided by Voices1
2011Doughnut for a SnowmanGuided by Voices1
2012Chocolate BoyGuided by Voices1
2012Keep It in MotionGuided by Voices2
2012Jon the Croc B/W BreathingGuided by Voices3
2012Class Clown Spots a UFOGuided by Voices1
2012Everywhere Is Miles From EverywhereGuided by Voices2
2012Hangover ChildGuided by Voices1
2012White FlagGuided by Voices1
2013Flunky MinnowsGuided by Voices2
2013Islands (She Talks in Rainbows)Guided by Voices2
2013Trash Can Full of NailsGuided by Voices2
2013Xeno PariahGuided by Voices2
2013Noble InsectGuided by Voices2
2014Alex and the OmegasGuided by Voices2
2014Planet ScoreGuided by Voices2
2014Save the CompanyGuided by Voices3
2014The Littlest League PossibleGuided by Voices3
2014Vote for Me DummyGuided by Voices2

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