Cathal McConnell

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Major Scale 2:22
A Minor Scale 2:02
A Roll 1:55
B Minor Scale 1:57
B Roll 3:25
Big John's Hard Jig and Mama's Pet 2:28
Brian Bohru's March in a Minor 4:19
Cathal McConnell, Master of the Whistle 0:53
Crowley's Reel / O'Rourke's Reel 2:35
D Major Scale 6:04
E Minor Scale 2:10
Edward Boyle 4:28
Eroll 2:54
F Roll 2:33
G Major Scale 2:43
Give Me Your Hand in G 2:29
Groll 1:43
Holding and Blowing the Pennywhistle 2:25
Introduction to Brian Bohru's March 0:13
Introduction to Si Beag Si Mor 0:17
Introduction to the Kesh Jig 0:49
Introduction to the South Wind 0:15
Introduction to the Temperance Reel 0:31
It's Not Yet Day 1:52
Johnny Loughran's and Kathleen Marie 2:00
Kesh Jig (Introduction) 1:11
Leaving Kintail 3:44
Long Expectant Times At Last 2:26
Lough Erne 2:54
O'Donnell Abu in D 2:06
On Raglan Road (live, 1986-03-22) 3:52
Playing High D in Tune 1:09
Scotland-Ireland / The Hangover / The Fermanagh Curves 3:46
Scotland-Ireland / The Hangover / The Fermanagh Curves 3:43
Si Beag Si Mor 3:27
Slow Version 1:48
Slow Version 1:07
Slurring Notes Explanation 1:49
The Banks Of Srathdon 4:40
The Bloomin' Bright Star Of Belle Isle 4:42
The Bonnie Wee Las O' the Glen 4:25
The Bonnie Wee Lass O' The Glen 4:27
The Cocktail Reel / Johnny Wilmot's Reel 1:42
The Dark Woman Of The Glen 2:14
The Derry Hornpipe 4:01
The Flower Of Finae / Farewell To Waverly Park 4:25
The Foggy Dew in B Minor 1:54
The Gypsies 4:54
The Humors of Scarriff and the Yellow Tinker 2:03
The Hurricane Of Reels 2:44
The Kesh Jig in G, Slow Version 0:43
The Kesh Jig, a Tempo 1:18
The King of the Faeries in E Minor 1:39
The Lakes of Ponchartrain in A 2:02
The Little Beggarman in A 1:58
The South Wind in G 1:47
The Temperance Reel in G 1:22
The Yorkshire Lasses 2:22
There's a Day 3:04
There's The Day 3:05
Wrap-Up 0:35

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