Jesus Army

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
No Compromise 2:14
Nothing but the Blood 3:23
O Lord, We Will Shout for Joy 4:58
On the Blood-Stained Ground 4:47
One Body 3:41
Only You 3:11
Only You 3:11
Promise to You 3:29
Reach Out 4:51
Restore the Lost Ones 5:59
Seal Me, Holy Spirit 4:04
Shining City 3:17
So Fed Up With Myself 5:18
So Much I could Have Said 2:51
So Much I Could Have Said 2:51
Spirit of Light 3:47
Spirit of Light 3:48
Spirit Revolution 4:01
Stand Up if You Wanna Win 3:16
Sweet Wind 4:37
Take the World 4:38
Tell Me What You Really Want 3:13
Thank You for the Cross 4:30
The Darkness Fades 3:47
The Lord Is Going Forth 2:25
There's a Powerful Love Igniting Us 6:08
There’s a Movement in This Land 7:49
These Are My Years (I'm Living for the Cause) 7:57
These our Years of Destiny 4:12
This Cause is My Life 3:14
This is Home 5:12
This is Home 8:06
This is the Call to Go Deeper 5:05
This is What I've Found 2:55
Trust 5:34
Wave After Wave 4:47
We are Fighters 3:59
We Are Fighters 3:55
We are Generation J 6:20
We Are on the Lord’s Side 4:33
We Have Come into this Place 3:57
We Just Stand 5:53
We Live the Vision the Spirit Gives 3:30
We Travel Lightly 3:03
We Will Run 5:57
We'll Tell You of our Heroes 3:57
We're Wild and we're Christian (long) 7:10
We're Wild and we're Christian (short) 2:01
We’re Wild and We’re Christian (Full) 6:53
We’re Wild and We’re Christian (short) 2:10
What Would You Give 5:04
When I Stop and Think 4:43
When I survey the Wondrous Cross 5:07
When the Beauty of the Church 3:51
Will You Dare to be a Winner 2:31
Willing 4:28
Wonderful Love 5:14
You Don't Really Know Me 3:21
You're a Leader 4:27
You're Waking a Love in Me 5:12
Zion, I Love You 3:28

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