Jesus Army

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
6.30am 3:52
A Humble Heart You Have Yet to Despise 6:21
A New Revolution is in the Air 5:02
A Rising Star 4:12
Advance Church of Jesus (short) 1:06
And in His Presence 6:10
Angels 5:56
As You Started on the Way 3:48
Baptise Me 3:30
Baptised 5:05
Be Thou My Vision 7:13
Beautiful 7:37
Behold, He Comes 6:55
Blow, Wind of the Spirit, Blow 4:31
Can You Hear the Beating of my Heart? 5:45
Can You Hear the Water? 3:58
Celebrate in the Lord 4:24
Century 21 4:39
Church of Jesus Christ 4:26
Church on Fire 3:00
Clean 6:33
Come and See Jesus Brotherhood 6:24
Come, Lord Jesus, Come 5:02
Cone, Take Me as I Am 4:01
Cry of the Undrclass 1:11
Don't Look at Me Just on the Outside 4:18
Energy 3:15
Every Hour of Every Day 3:21
Everyone's Welcome 3:36
Everyone’s Welcome 3:36
Everywhere the Walls Are Coming Down 2:44
Fall on You 17:25
Father, I Want to be All for You 5:16
Feel 5:28
Fill Me Again 4:13
Fire Falling from Heaven 5:43
For the Lord Will Comfort Zion 2:55
For Those who Once Knew You in Their Lives 4:50
Freedom in Jesus 5:39
Gap in the Curtain 4:47
God, You Are Our Father 6:30
God's Love is Here 2:55
Hand on Heart 4:42
Heal Me, Jesus 2:43
Heal Me, Jesus 2:43
Hear the Cry 4:19
Heartbond 3:04
Heartbreak 11:03
Heirs 5:50
Hey, Hey, Mja 3:02
His Blood is Precious 5:36
Holiness is What I Long For 4:11
Hot People 4:23
How do You Know When the Wind is Blowing 4:35
I Fall on You 9:25
I Feel Jesus 8:49
I Just Want You to Know 5:04
I Need You, My Family 2:29
I Need Your Love 4:19
I Sought the Lord 2:32
I Surrender 4:25
I Wanna Live for Jesus 4:57
I Wanna Win 7:25
I Want to Run Faster 2:34
I Will Worship 4:08
I'm Coming Home 3:36
I'm Still Searching, Lord 4:21
I've Made a Vow 4:17
I’m Coming Home 3:38
I’ve Seen a Flower 3:17
If We Call to Him 3:41
In Your Presence, Lord, We Worship 6:37
Innocent Blood 7:25
It's When I'm Broken-Hearted 4:55
Jesu's Blood 6:41
Jesu’s Blood (On the Move) 5:55
Jesus Has Saved Me 5:15
Jesus is Live! 4:44
Jesus is Waling in the Streets 4:31
Jesus Reds 2:51
Jesus, All for Jesus 6:01
Jesus, be the Centre 6:32
Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross 7:17
Just Wanna be Alive 3:34
Justice 3:22
Lazarus 5:12
Let Me Love Without Honour 4:11
Let the Life You've Got Inside Your Heart Explode 4:07
Life on the Rocks 5:15
Light of the World 5:27
Lights in Darkness (Prelude) 1:20
Living Desciples of Jesus 4:33
Looking for a Cause to Fight For 2:52
Love 4:21
Love Is the Message 3:38
Making Me New 3:43
Man with Scars 2:45
My Hand is Reaching Out 4:26
New Awakening 4:31
New Generation 2:37

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