Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
Juliana’s Tokyo, Vol. 2: Balearic Beats Party Various Artists CD 20 avex trax AVCD-11045 4988064110452
Juliana's Tokyo Vol.3 Rave NRG For The Future Various Artists CD 27 avex trax AVCD-11065 4988064110650
The Best of Juliana’s Tokyo 1992 Various Artists 2×CD 18 + 18 avex trax AVCD-11080~81
Avex Rave '93 "The Best of Best Techno Trax" Various Artists CD 40 avex trax
1993-08-07: Avex Rave '93 Live in Tokyo Dome Various Artists CD 16 avex trax
Juliana’s Tokyo Legend Various Artists 4×CD 21 + 21 + 21 + 24 avex trax AVCD-11272~75
Maharaja Night Vol. Final Special Non-Stop Disco Mix Various Artists Enhanced CD + CD 30 + 30 avex trax
Hyper Techno Museum 2001 Various Artists CD 30
Disco 90's Various Artists CD 25 avex trax AVCD-17236 4988064172368
Club Legend 20th Presents Juliana’s Tokyo ~the Best 20~ Various Artists CD 20 avex trax

This artist only has releases by various artists.