Indra (Swedish female singer, best known in France)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
À cause de toi Indra FR62W0500012 2:51
A Dreamer's Song Indra FR62W0800047 3:39
Alexandrie Alexandra Indra 3:58
Alexandrie Alexandra Indra 4:00
All I See Is You Indra FR62W0800041 3:54
Another Reality Indra FR62W0500014 2:52
Anywhere Indra 4:56
Anywhere (extended version) Indra 5:51
Anywhere (extended version) Indra 5:50
Anywhere (extended version) Indra 5:50
Anywhere (Hot extended mix) Indra 5:09
Anywhere (Hot extended mix) Indra 4:54
Anywhere (radio edit) Indra 4:54
Bamboo Boy Indra FRY929800150 3:23
Bang Indra FR62W0800048 3:10
Besoin de vous Indra & Frédéric Lerner FR62W0400021 4:29
Can I Make You Love It Indra FRY929800200 3:47
City Nights Indra 3:30
Confusion, I Gave You Everything Indra FR62W0500013 2:51
Dance for Me Indra FR62W0800051 4:17
Disco Fever Indra 4:10
Do Da Bump Indra FRY929800250 3:35
Do You Want to Party Indra 3:32
Everybody Move In/On Indra 4:03
Get Me High Indra FRY929800240 3:33
Gimme What's Real Indra 4:33
Gimme What's Real Indra 4:07
Gimme What's Real Indra 4:31
Gimme What's Real (extended Total remix) Indra 7:05
Ha... Ha... Ha... I love U (Electro-activ mix extended) Indra FR62W0500031 5:10
Hearts on Fire Indra 4:51
High Heels and Backwards Indra FR62W0800044 3:47
Hollywood Indra 3:44
Hollywood (part of “Les Nuits Trance, Vol° 2” DJ‐mix) Indra 2:14
I Feel Indra FR62W0500018 2:52
I Need Your Love Indra 4:29
I'll Never Let You Go Indra 3:49
If You Stop Indra 4:23
In the Back of My Mind Indra 4:21
Just Do It (Whatever It Takes) Indra 3:16
Kiss Me Indra FR62W0500017 3:20
Kissing in the Moonlight Indra 5:11
Ladykilla Indra FR62W0800046 3:50
Laisse ton coeur agir Indra FRY929800190 3:10
Let's Go Crazy Indra 3:50
Let's Go Crazy Indra 3:53
Let’s Go Crazy Indra 3:50
Let’s Go Crazy (club mix) Indra 6:22
Loly Indra FRY929800230 4:08
Mama Yo We Indra FRY929800210 4:03
Message for You (club version) Indra FRY929600183 6:27
Message for You (New Jack version) Indra FRY929600180 3:59
Misery Indra 4:06
Misery Indra 4:10
Misery Indra 4:15
Misery Indra 4:11
Misery Indra 4:15
Misery Indra 3:19
Misery Indra 3:55
Misery (version radio) Indra 4:10
Misery Technomix (instrumental) Indra 3:30
Mister Casanova Indra 3:21
Move in Time Indra FR62W0800045 3:38
My Step Indra FR62W0500020 3:03
Ne m'appelle plus Baby Indra FR62W0500019 2:43
Never Never Indra FRY929800140 3:08
Never Wanna Stop Indra 3:26
Never, Never Indra & Frédéric Lerner FR62W0400022 3:40
Never, Never (Filter mix maxi version) Indra FRY929800144 5:36
Never, Never (filter mix) (radio mix) Indra FRY929800141 3:43
Never, Never (Groov' remix maxi version) Indra FRY929800143 4:40
No Baby Indra 4:29
Nos larmes Indra & Frédéric Lerner FR01Z0300110 4:43
One Woman Show Indra FR62W0800040 3:32
Only You Indra FR62W0800043 3:40
Oublie-moi (radio edit) Indra FR62W0500006 3:00
Oublie-moi (single) Indra FR62W0500005 3:30
Our Love (You Love Me, I Love You) Indra FRY929800170 4:07
Party Going On Indra 3:42
Rescue Me Indra 4:44
Rescue Me Indra 4:51
Rush Indra FRY929800160 3:01
Save My Life Indra 3:45
Save My Life (club mix) Indra 6:43
Save My Life (Crystal mix) Indra 6:43
Save My Life (LP version) Indra 3:40
Save My Life (radio edit) Indra 3:33
Save My Life (Sweet and Sour) Indra 5:00
Save My Life (Total remix "Emergency" club mix) Indra 5:19
Save My Life (Total remix radio edit) Indra 3:50
Sois beau et tais-toi Indra FR62W0500028 3:25
Sois beau et tais-toi Indra 3:25
Sois beau et tais-toi Indra FR62W0500022 3:10
Sois beau et tais-toi (Elektro-Activ mix) Indra FR62W0500028 3:25
Sois beau et tais-toi (radio Volo edit) Indra FR62W0500022 3:12
Spend the Night With Me Indra 3:55
Stuck on You Indra FRY929800130 3:52
Take It From Top Indra 4:53
Take Me High Indra 3:40
Take Me Wide Indra FR62W9500010 3:44

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