members: A.M. SNiPER (UK Producer & Rapper. Former member of So Solid Crew) ( – ????)
Asher D (So Solid Crew rapper)
AC Burrell
Dan da Man (Producer in So Solid Crew)
Face (UK garage vocalist Jason Moore, member of So Solid Crew)
Harvey (MC from So Solid Crew)
Lisa Maffia
Mega Man (So Solid Crew member)
Neutrino (The MC in garage group Oxide & Neutrino)
DJ Oxide
Romeo (UK rapper, member of So Solid Crew)
Mr. Shabz
Swiss (So Solid Crew member)
subgroups: The Twins (So Solid Crew vocalists)
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Date Title Artist Length
Best of Your Luv (dub mix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: Real Garage” DJ-mix) Teebone feat. So Solid Crew 3:48
Yagga Yo Beenie Man feat. So Solid Crew 3:53
Number One (So Solid Crew remix) Playgroup 4:37