The Clientele

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Shadow of Your Life 2:25
Share the Night 3:44
Share the Night 3:19
Since K Got Over Me 3:51
Six Foot Drop 4:13
Six of Spades 2:21
Sketch 1:31
Somebody Changed 2:41
Southern Way 2:03
Spirit 2:53
St. James' Walk 1:40
St. Paul's Beneath a Sinking Sky 1:36
Step Into the Light 4:00
Strange Town 1:40
Summer Crowds in Europe 3:13
Sweeten Your Eyes 4:57
Sweeten Your Eyes 4:50
That Night, a Forest Grew 3:18
The Dance of the Hours 3:08
The Evening in Your Eyes 3:28
The Evening in Your Eyes 3:42
The Fire 3:04
The Garden at Night 1:44
The Green Man 5:07
The House Always Wins 8:02
The Night That Changed Our Minds 4:23
The Queen of Seville 4:27
The Sea Inside a Shell 8:32
The Violet Hour 4:55
The Words We Knew 3:34
These Days Nothing But Sunshine 3:25
Three Month Summers 2:44
Tonight 3:55
Tracy Had a Hard Day Sunday 4:48
Voices in the Mall 2:09
Walking in the Park 1:38
We Could Walk Together 2:35
What Goes Up 3:36
When I Came Home From the Party 2:53
When She's Tired of Dancing 2:23
When She's Tired of Dancing 2:38
When You and I Were Young 3:50
Where the Universes Are 3:26
Winter on Victoria Street 2:47
Wintertime 4:24
Your Song 1:38

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