Flotsam and Jetsam (British Musical Comedy Act)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Musical Confession 2:32
Aylesbury Ducks 2:37
Devonshire Cream and Cider 3:14
Drinking 3:07
Finale-The Postscript (Signature Tune) 0:22
Gendarmes' Duet 2:53
Gentlemen, Good Night 2:44
I Am a Roamer 3:14
I Am Friar of Orders Grey 3:39
Introduction (Signature Tune) 0:38
Is 'e an Aussie, Lizzie, Is 'e? 3:11
Is 'E An Aussie, Lizzie, Is 'E? 3:12
King Canute 3:05
Little Betty Bouncer 2:19
Little Betty Bouncer 1:02
Little Betty Bouncer 2:19
Little Betty Bouncer 2:13
Lucy Long 3:10
Maud Marie 2:57
Melodrama of the Mice 2:55
Move Into My House 1:32
My Gradfather's Clock 3:11
Pipe and Cigarette 3:37
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep 2:57
Simon the Bootlegger 3:10
Song of Love 2:44
The Alsatian and the Pekinese 2:13
The Businessman's Love Song 2:08
The Changing of the Guard 2:58
The Cobbler's Song 3:22
The Ghost of an Old King's Jester 3:09
The Merry Peasant 2:41
The Roman Road 3:01
We Never Know What to Expect 2:27

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