YG (US Rapper)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Tupac Interview (Real N.I.G.G.A.) Y.G. 0:47
Turn You On Y.G. 4:27
Twist My Fingaz Y.G. 4:16
Twist My Fingaz Y.G. 4:14
Twist My Fingaz (dirty) Y.G. 4:15
Up Y.G. feat. LoveRance & Iamsu! 4:10
Up in the Club Y.G. ?:??
Up on the Wall The Game feat. Problem, Ty Dolla $ign & YG 5:05
Up on the Wall The Game feat. Problem, Ty Dolla $ign & YG 5:05
Vato DJ Mustard feat. Jeezy, Que & YG 4:19
Want Her DJ Mustard feat. Quavo & YG 4:36
Wat About U? Y.G. 3:35
We Built This City Y.G. 2:04
Westside 4 Fingaz Y.G., DJ Mustard feat. Reem Riches & Riko 4:11
What They Doin Kid Ink feat. YG 3:18
What We Rollin With Y.G. feat. Lejend, Young Rob & Yung Lost 3:38
When I Was Gone YG feat. RJ, Tee Cee, Charlie Hood, Reem Riches & Slim 400 3:21
Who Do You Love (Remix) YG feat. Drake & The Game 3:40
Who Do You Love (Whiiite’s Future1Hundred remix) DJ Mustard & Y.G. feat. Drake 3:19
Who Do You Love? YG feat. Drake 3:53
Who Do You Love? Y.G. feat. Drake 1:37
Who Shot Me? Y.G. 3:47
Whole Click Stuntin' Y.G. feat. Constatine 2:55
Why Dey Hatin? Y.G. 3:57
Why They Fuck With Me Y.G. feat. Dyg 3:50
Why You Always Hatin (feat. Drake & Kamaiyah) YG feat. Drake & Kamaiyah 3:18
Why You Always Hatin? Y.G. feat. Drake & Kamaiyah 3:16
Wobble Y.G. feat. Soulja Boy Tell ’Em 3:57
Won't Change Y.G. feat. YungJayR , Ty Dolla $ign & TeeCee4800 3:33
Won't Stop Y.G. 3:24
Word Is Bond Y.G. feat. Slim 400 3:16
Work It Mike Darole feat. Ray J & YG 2:39
Wuzhanindoe Gunplay feat. Y.G. 3:08
Wuzhanindoe Gunplay feat. Y.G. 3:07
Yayo (Remix) Snootie Wild feat. Fabolous, Jadakiss, YG & French Montana 5:35
YG Be Safe Y.G. feat. The Homegirl 0:03
Yo Body Y.G. & DJ Mustard 2:30
Yo Nigga Ain't Me Y.G. feat. Dubb & Charley Hood 4:18
Yo Pussy Y.G. feat. Rawsmoov, D-Lo & John Heart 3:25
You Iggy Azalea feat. YG 2:51
You Broke YG feat. Nipsey Hussle 3:29
You Broke Y.G. feat. Nipsey Hussle 3:31
You Don’t Wanna Y.G. feat. Young Rob 3:51
Youzza Flip Jay305 feat. Y.G. 2:44

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