YG (US Rapper)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Only Right Ty Dolla $ign feat. Y.G., Joe Moses & TeeCee4800 3:10
Outro Y.G. ?:??
Paranoid Y.G. feat. Nod 4:51
Party DJ Mustard feat. Young Thug & YG 3:05
Party Up Destructo feat. YG 3:56
Party Up (extended edit) Destructo feat. YG 5:16
Patty Cake Y.G. 3:12
Pillow Talkin' Y.G. feat.Too $hort 3:14
Playin' Y.G. feat. Young Jeezy & Wiz Khalifa 4:21
Plottin' TeeCee4800 feat. Y.G. 3:26
Police Y.G. feat. Ty Dolla $ign 3:47
Police Get Away wit Murder Y.G. 3:19
Pop It Y.G. ?:??
Pop It, Shake It (Clean) YG f. DJ Mustard 3:43
Pop It, Shake It (Dirty) YG f. DJ Mustard 3:43
Pop Painkillaz Y.G. 2:52
Pop Pillz Y.G. ?:??
Pops Hot Intro Y.G. 0:14
Praiano Y.G. 3:41
Praiano Y.G. 3:46
Praiano Y.G. 3:45
Prayer 4 U Y.G. 4:47
Prepare 4 Takeoff Y.G. 3:43
Public Service Announcement YG ?:??
Purp and Yellow Wiz Khalifa, The Game, Kemo Gotti, Tyga & YG ?:??
Pussy Killa Y.G. ?:??
Pussy Monsta Y.G. ?:??
Put It Down Y.G. 3:49
Really Be (Smokin n Drinkin) YG feat. Kendrick Lamar 5:10
Relax Y.G. feat. Ty Dolla $ign 3:40
Renegade Y.G. 3:41
Respect Her Hustle Y.G. & DJ Mustard 3:23
Rhythm of the Night Y.G. 3:12
Rich City Anthem Y.G. 3:46
Ride Out Kid Ink, Tyga, YG, Wale & Rich Homie Quan USAT21500307 3:31
Ride With Me YG feat. RJ & Nipsey Hussle 3:50
Riding Like Me Y.G. 3:37
Right Off the Back Y.G. ?:??
Rise & Shine Y.G. 4:09
Rock Rite Now Ya Boy feat. YG & Dubb 3:51
Rock You Y.G., Ty Dolla $ign & Bobby Brackins ?:??
Run (clean) Furious feat. YG & Milla 4:26
Run (explicit) Furious feat. YG & Milla 4:26
Run Up The Game feat. Ice Cube & Y.G. 4:05
Same Guy Y.G. feat. Chips 5:30
Say Stop Y.G. feat. G Austin 3:51
Scram Jones Freestyle Y.G. feat. G.O.D. 2:22
See Me Gettin’ Money DJ Mustard feat. YG, Cash Out & K. Smith ?:??
See Me Out Here Y.G. 4:24
Sexy Girls Y.G. 4:01
Shake Dat DJ Rapture feat. Y.G. 1:41
Shake Your Butt Y.G. feat. Mix Master Spade 4:14
She a Model Y.G. 3:13
She Bad Y.G. feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Rich Boy 3:50
She Bad Rich Boy feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Y.G. 4:09
She Don't Love Me Y.G., DJ Mustard feat. Ty Dolla $ign 3:25
She Wish She Was Y.G. feat. Joe Moses & Jay 305 3:57
Skirt On Y.G. 5:31
Skit (TD) Y.G. 1:00
Skit 1 Y.G. 0:31
Skit 2 Y.G. 1:05
Skit 3 Y.G. 0:36
Snitches Ain’t YG feat. Tyga, Snoop Dogg & Nipsey Hussle 3:40
So Bright Y.G. 4:10
So Close, Yet So Far Away Y.G. 4:20
So Fresh So Fly Y.G. 3:31
Sooooo On Y.G. 4:01
Sorry Momma YG feat. Ty Dolla $ign 5:05
Special Treatmeant Y.G. 6:28
Spiritual Warfare Y.G. feat. Chips 4:53
Spontaneous Y.G. 3:29
Sprung Y.G. feat. Teeflii 2:48
Still Brazy Y.G. 3:22
Superman Y.G. 5:46
Swag up Waxx feat. AP & YG 3:56
Swagger Y.G. 3:17
Take Everything From Her Y.G. & DJ Mustard 3:39
Take It EZ Y.G. 3:31
Take It to the Neck DJ Mustard feat. Clyde Carson & YG ?:??
Talking Shit Y.G. 4:43
Tell That Hoe I Did That Meek Mill feat. K. Smith & Y.G. 3:42
Thank God (interlude) YG feat. Big TC & RJ 2:02
Thas What Hoes Do Nipsey Hussle feat. Y.G. & Rimpau ?:??
That's Life Fat Trel feat. Y.G. 2:30
The Homie YG feat. Young Jeezy ?:??
The Put On (intro) YG 0:15
The Realest Young Jeezy feat. Y.G. 4:18
The Westcoast Y.G. 4:30
This Side A$AP Ferg feat. YG ?:??
This Year Y.G. & DJ Mustard 3:07
This Yick Y.G. feat. Dom Kennedy & Joe Moses 3:10
This Yick Y.G. 1:02
Thug AD & Sorry Jaynari feat. Y.G. 2:51
Too $hort Y.G., DJ Mustard feat. Vell 3:08
Toot It & Boot It Y.G. 4:03
Toot It & Boot It (G-mix) Snoop Dogg & DJ Skee feat. 50 Cent & Y.G. 4:09
Toot It and Boot It YG 4 4:03
Toot It and Boot It (Explicit) YG 4:03
Toot It and Boot It (remix) Y.G., Ty Dolla $ign & Bobby Brackins ?:??
Toot It n Boot It Y.G. feat. 50 Cent 1:46

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