Paradroid (Maximilian Wendling)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Artificial Retrospective Paradroid 5:12
Broken Anticipator Module Paradroid 6:16
Capacitive Accelerometer Design Paradroid 6:11
Chromosomal Microdeletions Paradroid 5:39
Cohesive Liquid Polymers Paradroid 4:05
Deep Fritz Paradroid 5:40
Eustachian Tubeway Paradroid ?:??
Fail Safe in Recreational Mecca Paradroid 6:10
Faked Moon Landing Paradroid 6:37
Faked Moon Landing (Fym remix) Paradroid 5:36
Galaga Gamelan Paradroid 0:48
Gyroscopic Robo Funk Paradroid 6:01
Hijacked by Pseudoscience Paradroid ?:??
His Arm Was Her Leg Paradroid 5:50
Hotel Room Shootout Paradroid ?:??
Instant Landshark Paradroid 5:47
Isoperimetric Polyiamonds Paradroid 6:39
Mourning Blues Paradroid 1:13
My World Is Your Oyster Paradroid 5:13
Plutonium Boulevard Paradroid 5:23
Plutonium Boulevard Paradroid ?:??
Pneumatic Servo Valve Paradroid 4:54
Pudding Ratrace S-Max + Paradroid ?:??
Quake Minus One Paradroid 3:52
Romantic Crystallite Illusions Paradroid 5:29
Special Elevation Patterns Paradroid 5:27
Splatter Funk Paradroid 5:20
Staring At The Aeroplanes Paradroid 5:55
Styro Grafx Paradroid 5:30
Technology Dream Was Squashed Paradroid 6:33
Technology Dream Was Squashed (Elco Park remix) Paradroid 5:29
Teslascope Paradroid 6:00
The Balearic Dream Recovery Paradroid 5:35
The Balearic Dream Recovery (Dapayk remix) Paradroid 5:24
Virtual Jackpot Telecommando Paradroid 6:05

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