The Bates (German punk rock band)

~ Group


members: Armin Beck
Pogo (Thomas Möller)
Markus "Zimbl" Zimmer
Reb (guitarist of German bands The Bates, Madre and N!RGEnDWo) (1991 – 2001)
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Date Title Artist Length
It's Getting Dark
A Fuck on the Edge of the World The Bates 2:07
A Real Cool Time The Bates 3:54
Baby I Miss You The Bates 2:03
Be My Baby The Bates 3:01
Billie Jean The Bates 4:25
Don’t Wanna Be Like You The Bates 2:46
Donna Clara The Bates 3:01
Fuck The Bates 0:53
Fuck the World The Bates 0:54
Going for the Show The Bates 3:27
Gonna Make It Through the Night The Bates 2:45
High Above the Ground The Bates 2:48
Highscore The Bates 2:58
I Don’t Wanna Love You The Bates 2:52
I Know Now The Bates 3:20
In This Town The Bates 0:54
Independent Love Song The Bates 3:11
Junkie The Bates 2:20
Keine ist wie Du The Bates 1:28
My Baby’s Gone Away The Bates 2:02
One Minute The Bates 0:46
Out of My Mind The Bates 1:46
Over You The Bates 2:18
Pay Back The Bates 0:50
Rock ’n’ Roll Heart The Bates 2:04
Running Forward The Bates 3:15
Say It Isn’t So The Bates 3:24
Schnoizelchen The Bates 2:00
She Won’t Come Back The Bates 4:13
She’s Mine The Bates 1:58
Shine The Bates 3:17
Sound of Silence The Bates 2:48
Still the Same The Bates 2:39
The Only One The Bates 2:31
Tonight The Bates 1:58
Yeah The Bates 1:12
A Fuck on the Edge of the World
A Real Cool Time
Baby I Miss You
Don't Wanna Be Like You
Fuck the World
Going for the Show
Gonna Make It Through the Night
High Above the Ground
I Don't Wanna Love You
I Know Now
In This Town
Keine ist wie Du
My Baby's Gone Away
One Minute
Out of My Mind
Over You
Pay Back
Rock 'n' Roll Heart
Running Forward
Say It Isn't So
She Won't Come Back
She's Mine
Still the Same
The Only One