Ice (UK dub group)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
.357 Magnum Is a Monster Ice 7:52
A New Breed of Rat Ice 11:55
Devils Ice 7:04
Dusted Ice 6:53
Dusted (Scott Harding remix) Ice 6:34
Dusted Dub Ice ?:??
Headwreck Ice 7:20
Headwreck Dub Ice ?:??
Hyperdermic (Special instrumental dub mix) Ice 8:44
Implosion Ice 10:16
Implosion (Flying Machine) Ice 8:35
In Hillwood SPM featuring Baby Bash, Carolyn Rodriguez & Ice 4:13
Juggernaut Kiss Ice 7:41
Juggernaut Kiss (Deaf, Dumb, Blind) Ice 7:47
More Brother (Inbred version) Ice vs. Palace Brothers 4:27
More Brother Dub Ice vs. Palace Brothers 4:31
Operation Mind Control (Skull mix) Ice 7:45
Out of Focus Ice 9:55
Skyscraper Ice 8:17
Stick Insect Ice 7:30
Survival of the Fattest Ice 6:00
The Dredger Ice 6:36
The Dredger (Titanic) Ice 6:34
The Flood Ice 6:13
The Snakepit Ice 5:54
The Swimmer Ice 13:29
Trapped in 3 Dimensions (El P remix) Ice 3:10
Trapped in 3 Dimensions (Skull mix) Ice ?:??
Trapped in 3D (Alec Empire mix) Ice 4:30
Trapped in Three Dimensions Ice 7:38
Trapped in Three Dimensions (Alec Empire remix) Ice ?:??
Trapped in Three Dimensions (Dom & Roland remix) Ice ?:??
Viper (Special instrumental dub mix) Ice 4:04
When Two Worlds Collide Ice 7:09
X-1 Ice 7:13
X-1 (K-Mart LP mix) Ice ?:??
X-1 (Underdog instrumental) Ice ?:??
X-1 (Underdog mix) Ice ?:??
X1 (Underdog mix) (part of “DJ Food & DK: Now, Listen!” DJ-mix) Ice 1:22
Year of the Snake Ice feat. Toastie Taylor 4:26

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