member of:Shock (80s US disco group aka Shock USA)
original member of:Pleasure (Portland US funk/soul group) (guitar)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
artists and repertoire
This Heart of MineMichael Cooper
1976-01 – 1976-03Captain MidniteguitarRonnie Laws2:59
1976-01 – 1976-03FeverguitarRonnie Laws3:29
1976-01 – 1976-03From Ronnie With LoveguitarRonnie Laws5:30
1976-01 – 1976-03KarmenguitarRonnie Laws3:44
1976-01 – 1976-03Let's Keep It TogetherguitarRonnie Laws4:32
1976-01 – 1976-03Stay Still (And Let Me Love You)guitarRonnie Laws7:23
Best Part of the Night (dub version)guitarJeff Lorber5:21
Best Part of the Night (extended version)guitarJeff Lorber5:18
Cat PawsguitarJeff Lorber4:45
Deep EllumguitarJeff Lorber4:18
Don't Say YesguitarJeff Lorber4:07
Double BadguitarJeff Lorber4:18
EnjoyMarlon L McClainguitarPimp Counsel, Bootz Rothchylde & Enois Scroggins4:21
Every Woman Needs ItguitarJeff Lorber4:19
Hearts on FireguitarJeff Lorber4:39
KatherineguitarJeff Lorber4:43
MoonterraceguitarJeff Lorber4:12
Really ScareyguitarJeff Lorber4:08
Rock IIguitarJeff Lorber4:26
Seventh HeavenguitarJeff Lorber4:21
Stand by MeguitarMaurice White4:08
Step by Step (extended version)guitarJeff Lorber5:13
Step by Step (instrumental version)guitarJeff Lorber4:05
Sushi MonsterguitarJeff Lorber3:14
Sushi MonstersoloJeff Lorber3:14
Switch on Your RadioguitarMaurice White4:19
Touch and GoguitarDan Siegel2:56
TropicalguitarJeff Lorber4:12
WaterfallguitarJeff Lorber4:07
Talk About Love / Get Offadditional and guitarShock
Talk About Love / Get OffShock