Behemoth (Polish metal band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
The Entrance to the Spheres of Mars (video, live, 2000-04-27: Studio Łęg, Kraków, Poland) ?:??
The Harlot ov the Saints 2:47
The Making of Evangelion 44:09
The Making of The Apostasy 25:29
The Nephilim Rising 4:21
The Oak Between the Snows 2:33
The Oak Between the Snows 2:38
The Oak Between the Snows (instrumental) 2:31
The Past Is Like a Funeral 6:41
The Reign ov Shemsu‐Hor 4 8:26
The Satanist USMBR1410427 4 5:33
The Satanist (live, 2016-10-08: Progresja, Warsaw, Poland) 6:35
The Satanist (music video) ?:??
The Satanist (video, live, 2016-08-13: Brutal Assault Festival, Jaromer, Czech Republic) ?:??
The Satanist (video, live, 2016-10-08: Progresja, Warsaw, Poland) ?:??
The Satanist: Oblivion 25:04
The Seed ov I 4:58
The Seed ov I (live, 2012-09: Ekaterinburg, Russia) 5:39
The Seed ov I (video, live, 2012-09-26: Tele‐Club, Yekaterinburg, Russia) 5:40
The Sermon to the Hypocrites 5:04
The Thousand Plagues I Witness 5:15
The Thousand Plagues I Witness (live, 1999-02-26: La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France) 5:25
The Thousand Plagues I Witness (live, 1999-02-27: Le Bikini, Toulouse, France) 5:23
The Touch of Nya 0:57
The Universe Illumination (Say ‘Hello’ to My Demons) 3:31
Thou Shalt Forever Win 5 6:38
Thy Winter Kingdom 5:19
Thy Winter Kingdom 5:24
Thy Winter Kingdom 5:42
Thy Winter Kingdom 5:09
Thy Winter Kingdom 5:32
Total Disaster 4:38
Total Invasion 7:21
Towards Babylon 3:22
Towards the Dying Sun We March 6:57
Transmigrating Beyond Realms ov Amenti 3:28
Transylvanian Forest 4:54
Transylvanian Forest 5:35
Transylvanian Forest (re-recorded) 3:16
Typhonian Soul Zodiack 4:30
Until You Call on the Dark 4:26
Vinvm Sabbati 3:25
We Are the Next 1000 Years USMBR1813157 3:24
Welcome to Hell 3:15
Wish 3:38
With Spell of Inferno (Pandemonic Incantations recording) 4:38
With Spell of Inferno (Mefisto) (Bewitching the Pomerania recording) 4:39
Wolves Guard My Coffin 4:29
Wolves Guard My Coffin (live, 2009-09-25: Stodoła, Warsaw, Poland) 5:11
Wolves Guard My Coffin (video, live, 2009-09-25: Stodoła, Warsaw, Poland) ?:??
Wolves ov Siberia USMBR1813148 2:54
XUL 3:11
Zos Kia Cultus 5:33
Παν Σάτυρος 4:23

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