Manticore (American black/death metal band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Abhorrent Baptism in the Vestal Cavity 3:06
Abolished Holy Conceit 3:59
Afflict ?:??
And the Faithful Still Bleed 0:59
Behold the Ascension of the Execrated 3:50
Beyond the Nothingness (Samael Cover) 4:20
Bleeding the Leeches ?:??
Corrupt ?:??
Damnation's Prayer (intro) ?:??
Demonic Rites 3:49
Denying the Resurrection 2:48
Destruction of the Holy Light ?:??
Destruction of the Holy Light 5:08
Envenomation ?:??
Eve of Satan's Millenium ?:??
Eve of Satan's Millenium 2:40
Evil Becomes Us ?:??
Evil Becomes Us 3:00
Exalt ?:??
Feast of the Beast 4:30
Feast of the Beast 4:31
Filth Upon Filth 1:12
For Rats and Plague ?:??
From the Darkness Below 2:52
In Bloodshed Rejoice 3:07
In Nomine Satanas (Venom Cover) 4:22
Insemination of the Sycophant 3:13
Liturgical Desecration 2:56
Liturgical Desecration ?:??
Messiah 8:51
Our Will Is His 2:21
Our Will Is His 2:20
Praising the Whore... On the Altar of Darkness 3:20
Praising the Whore... On the Altar of Darkness ?:??
Procession to Possession 4:12
Rebirth of Creation 3:02
Rise of the Black Moon (Archgoat Cover) ?:??
Ritual Cleansing of the Whore 4:20
Sodomy in the Womb of Paradise 2:49
Sodomy in the Womb of Paradise ?:??
Spilling Holy Blood ?:??
The Art of Possession 2:37
The Art of Possession ?:??
The Gate of Nanna 3:32
Those Who Covet This Earth ?:??
To Serve the Master of Hell 0:57
Torn Apart by Hate 3:48
Unholy Awakening 2:41
Unleashing Unholy Temptations 3:21
Unveiling the Ascension ?:??
Urine Flowing Through the Veins of Christ 1:49
Visions of Demonic Perversion ?:??
Visions of Demonic Perversion 2:50
When Fire Strikes the Blackened Skies 3:50

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