V2A (UK electro group)

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Album + Compilation

2002Cryonica Tanz V.2Various Artists1
2002XtraX Compilation IIIVarious Artists1
2002Angels & DemonsVarious Artists1
2003Goths' Paradise: The Black Book Compilation VIVarious Artists1
2004Leichenschrei: Trisol Bible, Chapter 2Various Artists1
2009Extreme Sündenfall 8Various Artists1
2009Gothic Compilation, Part XLIIIVarious Artists1
2009Pulse: Dark Mourning Promotions CompilationVarious Artists2
2010Mecha [Nized]Various Artists1
2010Schwarze Welle 2Various Artists1
2010Black Snow 2: The Completely Different Xmas CompilationVarious Artists1
2011Stahl Disko - Stahl Compilation Vol. 1Various Artists1
2011The Music The Culture: EBMVarious Artists1
2011Gothic Compilation, Part LIIVarious Artists1
2011Dark Visions - Die Clip-Highlights von 2011Various Artists1
2011Orkus Compilation 69Various Artists1
2012The Music The Culture: EBM Vol 2Various Artists1
2013Dark Summer Clips and Song Collection 2013Various Artists1
2016Beat:Cancer V3Various Artists1
2018Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Vol. 204Various Artists1
2020Gratitude Part 1Various Artists1
2006Dark Spy Magazine Compilation, Vol. VIVarious Artists1
2011Zillo CD-05/2011Various Artists1
2018Orkus! Compilation 136Various Artists1
2018Orkus! Compilation 137Various Artists1

Album + Remix

2016Mit vereinten KräftenNachtmahr2

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