Jean Sibelius (Finnish composer)

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WorkWritersArtistsISWCTypeLyrics LanguagesAttributesRating
[11 Variations on a Harmonic Formula] in D major, HUL 0505 & 0789–92 (for piano)
    • [No lyrics]
    • D major (Key)
    [A Catalogue of Themes, 50 Short Pieces], HUL 0796 (for piano)
      • [No lyrics]
        [Adagio] in C major (for piano)
          • [No lyrics]
          • C major (Key)
          [Allegro, Fragment] in E major, JSdeest, HUL 1053/2 (for piano)
            • [No lyrics]
            • E major (Key)
            [Allegro] in G minor (for piano)
              • [No lyrics]
              • G major (Key)
              [Andante (ma non troppo lento)] in C-sharp minor, 1898-99 (for piano)
                • [No lyrics]
                • C-sharp minor (Key)
                [Andante] in B minor, JS 91 (for cello and piano)