P.O.X. (P.O.X. aka Psychobilly Orchestra X)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Psycho in New Orleans P.O.X. 1:45
Anti Christ & Devilkicks P.O.X. 3:56
Antichrist & Devilkicks P.O.X. 3:54
Baby What You Want P.O.X. 2:11
Bad Dreams P.O.X. 2:08
Bad Dreams P.O.X. 2:08
Be Bob A Lula (Demo) P.O.X. 2:17
Be-Bop-A-Lula (Devil's version) P.O.X. 2:22
Black Fire P.O.X. ?:??
Boppin' the Blues P.O.X. 2:24
Chicken Walk (Demo) P.O.X. 2:15
I Don’t Like Me The P.O.X. 3:41
I Don’t Like Me The P.O.X. ?:??
Intro P.O.X. 1:02
Intro (Demo) P.O.X. 0:32
It's So Dark P.O.X. 2:16
Little Red Riding Hood P.O.X. 3:26
Little Red Ridinghood P.O.X. 3:28
Nighttime Syndicate P.O.X. 2:53
Nighttime Syndicate P.O.X. 2:52
Nighttime Syndicate (Demo) P.O.X. 3:02
P.O.X. Trott P.O.X. 2:47
P.O.X. Trott P.O.X. 2:50
Psycho's Horror Rock'n Roll (Demo) P.O.X. 2:17
Psycho's Mind P.O.X. 2:15
Psychotic Killer The P.O.X. ?:??
Rawhide P.O.X. 1:53
Rockin' Daddy (Demo) P.O.X. 2:49
Sick Brains P.O.X. 1:29
The pathological interpretation - as the clinical implication of a schizoid psychosis - of the involuntary musical imagery "Psycho For A Lifetime", originally written and performed by Germany's uncontroversial Initial-Psychobilly-Artists "The P.O.X." P.O.X. 4:17
Voodoo Power P.O.X. 5:24
Voodoo Power P.O.X. 4:25
You Don′t Mean Anything to Me The P.O.X. 4:03

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