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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
On the Steeple w/the Shakes (X-mas Tigers) Califone 5:04
One Califone 0:54
One Califone 4:36
Our Kitten Sees Ghosts Califone USTJ20616306 2:47
Our Kitten Sees Ghosts Califone 2:49
Outro Califone 3:23
Oxtail Califone 4:11
Parade Queen / Milk Waltz / Dirt Moon Califone 4:51
Pastry Sharp Califone 4:30
Pastry Sharp (Bundy session) Califone 4:31
Peel Califone 6:02
Pink & Sour Califone USTJ20616301 4:14
Pink & Sour Califone 4:15
Planetarium Scene Califone 2:09
Polish Girls Califone 3:04
Porno Starlet vs. Rodeo Clown Califone 2:43
Prodigal Son Califone 3:37
Rattlesnakes Smell Like Split Cucumbers Califone 3:27
Red (Clava Live Version) Califone 9:55
Red Food Old Heat Califone 0:37
Ro Califone & Orso 4:56
Rocks Off Califone 4:14
Rooftops / Static Califone 3:38
Rose Petal Ear Califone USTJ20616311 2:10
Rose Petal Ear Califone 2:11
Salome: ..Suffer Me to Touch Thy Body Califone 1:39
Salome: Effeminate Soldiers at the Cage of Califone 0:54
Salome: I Ask the Head of Jokaanan in a Califone 2:07
Salome: I Have Kissed Thy Mouth Califone 1:59
Salome: I Love to See a Fruit in the Mark Califone 4:46
Salome: I Will Not Look at Things, I Will Califone 1:33
Salome: In the Palace of Herod Califone 1:55
Salome: She Dances Califone 5:47
Salome: Skull Ring in the Fist of the Califone 0:13
Salome: The Moon Is Chaste. She Is Like a Califone 0:40
Salome: The Young Syrian Slays Himself Califone 2:00
Salome: Whatsoever Thou Shalt Ask of Me, Califone 0:27
Salt Califone 2:53
Sawtooth Califone 6:41
Sawtooth Sung a Cheater's Song Califone 7:40
Sawtooth Sung a Cheater's Song (10.11.03 - KVRX Radio, Austin, TX) Califone 6:16
Seven, Fourteen, or Twenty-One Knots Califone 1:23
Silver and Gold Califone 2:02
Silvermine Pictures Califone 2:31
Silvermine Pictures Califone 2:35
Slow Rt. Hand Califone 2:39
Slower Twin Califone 4:42
Slowness Califone & Orso 2:49
Snake's Tooth = Protection Against Fever and Luck in Gambling Califone 0:38
Snowball Califone 2:17
South of Heaven Modest Mouse & Califone 5:12
Spider's House Califone USTJ20616302 3:47
Spider's House Califone 3:49
St. Augustine (A Belly Full of Swans) Califone 6:42
St. Martha (Clava Live Version) Califone 5:17
St. Martha Let It Fold Califone 3:10
Stained and Lit Califone 3:04
Stanza VIII Califone 3:10
Stepdaughter Califone 5:49
Stitches Califone 3:35
Street Fighting Man Califone 3:45
Sunday Noises Califone USTJ20616303 3 2:50
Sunday Noises Califone 2:52
Sweet Black Angel Califone 2:52
Tayzee Nubb Califone 6:29
The Eye You Lost in the Crusades Califone USTJ20616304 4:43
The Eye You Lost in the Crusades Califone 4:44
The Ocean Was Lungs (Faraway Bells) Califone 5:36
The Orchids Califone USTJ20616308 2:56
The Orchids Califone 2:57
The Orchids (Krassner mix) Califone 2:59
There's a Star Above the Manger Tonight Califone 2:24
Thirty-Eight Califone 0:38
To Hush a Sick Transmission Califone 2:13
To Hush a Sick Transmission (Unedit) Califone 2:21
Trick Bird Califone 5:54
Trout Silk Califone 5:04
turtle eggs/an optimist Califone 2:39
Twenty-Three Califone 0:24
Two/The Machinery in Your Stomach Califone 3:34
Underneath the Arches Califone 2:29
Unknown Califone 3:47
Vampiring again Califone 5:04
Vampiring Again Califone 5:04
Ventilator Blues Califone 5:26
Ventilator Blues Califone 5:31
VIII Califone 3:15
Wade in the Water Califone 5:20
Wade in the Water Califone 5:20
Wade in the Water Califone 4:59
Wade in the Water (4-Track version) Califone 4:56
Wade on the Water Califone 5:23
We Are a Payphone Califone 4:18
Wednesdays Califone & Orso 2:53
When Leon Spinx Moved Into Town Califone 5:32
When Leon Spinx Moved Into Town Califone 6:48
When the Snakehandler Slips Califone 4:53
Wingbone Califone 3:43
Wingbone Califone 3:43
Xmas Mice Waltz Scene Califone 1:23

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