Name ISRCs Rating Length
Baby Hold on to Me (live: Craig Kilborn Show) 3:23
Carry on My Wayward Son (live) ?:??
Damn You Damn Everyone (live, 1998-05-13: Lupos, RI, USA) ?:??
Darling Nikki (live) 4:07
Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' (live: The Academy, New York, USA) ?:??
My Hero (live, acoustic: Howard Stern) ?:??
Purple Rain (live) 1:26
Razor (live acoustic, Edge 102.1, 2005-06-16: Toronto, Canada) 4:48
Stairway to Heaven (live: The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn) ?:??
Sweet Home Alabama 1:09
This Is a Call (live, acoustic) ?:??
Tiny Dancer (live: The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn) 6:22
Wannabe (live) 0:17
White Limo (The Prodigy remix) 3:48
With Arms Wide Open (live: KROQ) ?:??

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