All album releases (except for "Horizonterweiterungen", which could be considered a maxi-single) begin with the "Welle: Erdball" track. It is also true for "Es ist an der Zeit", released under the Feindsender name, where the track is simply called "Intro".


Yes, there are different spellings on the official webpage, wikipedia, myspace, (user tags) and so forth.

However, what is most important is what is on the releases, that is Welle: Erdball.
I have 4 albums in front of me. On every imaginable place there is a SPACE in between. Spine, back cover, 1st track (which is always named "Welle: Erdball") and in the text in the booklet.
On the front cover they use a stylized variant with two lines.

Not to mention, that the ":" needs to have a space afterwords in this context. "radio station: globe"

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201320 Jahre Welle: ErdballWelle: Erdball1


1994FrontalaufprallWelle: Erdball1
1995Alles ist möglichWelle: Erdball2
1996Tanzpalast 2000Welle: Erdball2
1998Der Sinn des LebensWelle: Erdball2
2002Die Wunderwelt der TechnikWelle: Erdball5
2004HorizonterweiterungenWelle: Erdball1
2006Chaos TotalWelle: Erdball4
2011Der Kalte KriegWelle: Erdball2
2014Tanzmusik für RoboterWelle: Erdball5
2020Engelstrompeten & Teufelsposaunen (Orchestral)Welle: Erdball2
2022Film, Funk & FernsehenWelle: Erdball2

Album + Compilation

20032 Originals of Welle: ErdballWelle: Erdball1
2010Die Singles 1993 - 2010Welle: Erdball1
20145 Original Albums in 1 BoxWelle: Erdball31

Album + Soundtrack

2010Operation: ZeitsturmWelle: Erdball3


1993Nyntändo-SchockWelle: Erdball1
1995W.O.L.F.Welle: Erdball1
1996Telephon W-38Welle: Erdball1
1998Deine Augen & Arbeit adelt!Welle: Erdball1
2000Starfighter F-104GWelle: Erdball3
2001Super 8Welle: Erdball2
2008Ich bin aus Plastik!Welle: Erdball2
2019Die UnsichtbarenWelle: Erdball1


2001VW-Käfer & 1000 TageWelle: Erdball53
2003Nur tote Frauen sind schönWelle: Erdball1
2012ComputerklangWelle: Erdball2
2014Ich rette dich!Welle: Erdball1
20151000 EngelWelle: Erdball53
2017Gaudeamus IgiturWelle: Erdball1

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